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I love this man

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He is a good man. He loves his children. He loves me. He is able to let things go. I wish I could be more like him. He resembles Mother Theresa in his attitude.

I fell in love with him 23 years ago but was afraid of those feelings. I chose a different path. A path of abuse and of sadness. But I over came that and have two beautiful children. He chose the same path and over came it with two beautiful children. We found each other. Fell in love all over again and we are happy. Our children are happy. Mine love him and his children love me but... his ex hates me.

She's mentally unstable. She's Selfish, narcissistic and just plain evil. She has come and gone in the childrens lives. She was addicted to pain medication and totally absent from the family while still living in the house.

The children have so many anti social behaviors and abandonment issues that it is the saddest thing I've ever seen. Now she is better...sober. In the past 5 years she has lived 6 places.Left the state twice. "I have nothing here!!" Your children are her you BITCH!!! But yet, with that less then perfect track record her to children still love her. Over cater to her. "oh mommy I love you" "MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY I miss you."

She is their mother. I would never take that away. I just want to be their friend. She has made her choice to move 5 hours away. But yet, she is still the victim. I'm the mean lady that made mom move. Dad doesn't give in to all mom's wants and needs anymore.

Their marriage was over and done 2 years before I ever came into the picture. How can it be my fault? She has the control and he allows it.

I also have a choice. I can love this man and suck it up or I can love this man and walk away because it's to hard to take the pain.

When she is around I am invisible by all. I am insignificant, an intruder, the flavor of the week, unwanted. Is this because he still lives in the family home? Would it change if he moved?

No...she will always find a way to manipulate. Manipulate the children, manipulate him.

This pain is worse then any I have ever known.


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I am so very sorry. I feel almost the same. I wonder do I stay or do I leave. If i leave I can never date anyone w/kids again. I won't subject myself to that again. At the same time, i cannot imagine dating anyone w/out kids and bringing such bagagge into a single guys life.