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My step son. I really need help

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Hi. Im new to this so here i go. My step son is coming to live with me and his dad in a few days time. Sadly he had adhd and his mum cant cope with him anymore. she has a 3 yr old daughter and is frightend for her safty. Now i am only 21 and my step son is 13 yrs old. When he has come to stay during the holidays he has always tested me and answered back to me and shouted at me but wont do it to his dad. Is this a natural thing to being a step mum or is it the adhd and how on earth do i cope with it. My partner and i have been together for 2 years now and i love him to bits but when my step son talks to me like a bit of dirt my partner lets him get away with it which makes me so angry. I dont know how to cope or even if i am going to cope.
My partner suffers from combat post traumatic stress so his stress levels are extreamly high as it is. With the added stress of my step son i dont even know if he can cope ither. I know that my step son will never let me in but as he is going to be living uner my roof what do i do.
My partner and me have also just moved house and have a nice 2 bedroom flat. when we moved we started to talk about having children of our own as i would love to have a child with him. However now i feel that this is going to sit on the back bench and im never going to get that opportunity. My partner is 37 and i feel like time will run out for him. Im just so confused and also worried about everything. if anyone can give me some adcive then please do. Anything would be very much appresheated.


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He will also be really angry that his mom abandoned him, and sent him away. But your partner needs to tell him that his attitude is wrong, and he will not tolerate him talking to you in that manner.