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Watson..There are games afoot...

halo1998's picture Beavers birthday was in June.  It was during DH's week.  Now there is a little remember clause in DH's custody agreement is that on their birthday's they get the kids.  Oh..whatever....Beaver never said anything and its not my job to know when her royal orange teethed highness' birthday is.  Needless to say Beaver didn't say anything and SD didn't go her house to worship..I mean celebrate Beaver's birthday.

Fast Forward...DH's birthday is today and SD was schedule to be back her NO

Also in DH's agreement, each parent gets 2 weeks with the kids for vacation.  Now COVID took out any chance of DH didn't schedule his 2 weeks.  Guess who wants her 2 weeks starting today....if you guessed just won the jackpot. Why yes...of course you Beaver, it is DH's birthday.  

Now, even DH caught on to this one last night....he was like..of course she does. She didn't get her birthday so she figures she will f*ck up my birthday.  He is like.."joke is on her...I COULD GIVE A SH*T LESS if SD is here.  Not like SD knows its my birthday and not like she will do anything for it on her own."  Wow...however he is right.  SD won't do anything on her own and usually "help" SD with Dh's birthday.  Sad since she is 14 years old....

So..DH told her fine take her two weeks and then he will take his two weeks.  DH is so far over the games he could careless if SD is here or not. At t his point if SD came here and said.."I want to live at Mom's"  Dh would pack her stuff up and drop it off, pay the extra child support for 4 years and be done.  He is so tired of the games...

I on the other hand....was singing FREEDOM...FREEDOM....because

1.  My kids are adults and come and go as the please these days.  No more...its mine, its his time...blah, blah, blah....

2.  No SD for what will be three weeks....I love her but good lord I'm tired of watching her TikTok videos and hearing her on facetime with her little friends.  

I feel sad for DH that he has gotten to the point where he really has started to pull away from SD due to the games Beaver plays.  


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Honestly, good for your DH.   So many of these dads get marginalized until it's like they aren't even a person anymore, just a backup plan with a wallet.

Even if that does happen, I'd bet my retirement on the fact that after Beaver is done ruining these kids, she's going to back on your doorstep looking for help because after all, he's the FAAAAATHERRRRR.    I'd love to see her stupid face when she realizes that no one is going to bail her out (or at least I hope not).

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once the kids are no longer income I think Beaver will try and send them here.  Again..joke will be on her...DH will not let them live with us.  He told SS when he left..its a one way ticket.  You will not return to my house.  DH is very serious about that.  He will not be a walking wallet.  DH can be a pita sometime but I will say the man can set boundries and stick with them.