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SD has the injury

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So..for the last few months SD has become quite compromised healthwise.

We have had..

1.  Sinus infection..which required two different antibiotics and multiple trips to the Dr.  Why...because SD didn't think she "needed" the wasn't a sinus infection....blah, blah, blah..  MMM..hmmmm...once she actually took the antibiotics and finished them...magically the sinus infection went away.

2.  A pain in her side..which required multiple trips to the DR, several blood tests and an x-ray. What they found..NOTHING.  She just had a stomach bug that was going around..and or menstal cramps. 

3.  A headache....that required her to see the DR. was headache..take some tylenol, advil or whatever. 

4.  Her acne is worse....had to see the dermatologist.  That is straight up from not listening to said dermatologist and using everything on her face that she finds on TikTok.  Dermatologist told her to quit using that shiznit on her wasn't help and it making it worse. But yep those TikTok influencers know better than the person who went to school for no less than 8 years to learn you know..MEDICAL STUFF.

The newest...she pulled a muscle in her hip last she walks like an old person and now she has to see the DR...because it still hurts......but she refuses to take anything for it.  you know like tylenol or advil to help with the inflamation.  However, she was fine enough to go galavanting around town over the weekend with Beaver and her friends.  So today Beaver will pull her out of school and she will go to the Dr.

Did I mention that SD is failing two classes, etc.  So yes...lets pull her out of school...for what is a pull muscle...and off to the Dr's office which is becoming her new home it seems.

14 more months of this shiznit.



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Oh boy. Yes tik tok influencers know it all. I once saw one where the influencers Pilate instructor advised to mix balsamic vinegar with sparking water to make a drink that tasted EXACTLY like Pepsi. My SD swore by anything she saw on tik tok, and that's all she ever looked at mostly 

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How annoying. And we wonder why health care costs are so high (though this is just the tip of the iceberg). What do you think will happen in 14 months? Will SD go live with Beaver full time?  

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SD61 has some real health issues like Barretts esophagus, ulcers and back problems, not to mention the psychiatric issues.  In fact, she qualified for disability.  However, despite having a rotating team of specialists, she knows best.  So, she never takes her medication as directed, starts and stops drugs that should be taken on schedule, eats junk, doesn't followup with doctors, goes to the ER instead and blames everyone else and the medical establishment when things go bad.  She hovers around 100 lb, drinks high-caffeine soda all day and wonders why she has anxiety, nervousness, depression and irritability.  Dr. SD is in the house.....

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Those tiktok (bad) influencers.

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They're starting to get prosecuted here for "illegal practice of medicine" and "organized fraud". About time too.

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Spawn “hurt her knee” when she was in high school, and called Meth Mouth crying telling her she had a dislocated knee and we wouldn’t take her to the doctor.  DH got a barrage of threatening texts from Meth Mouth about his abuse and neglect.  DH had no clue what was going on or that Spawn was hurt.  So DH confronted Spawn and she told him she had been having knee pain for months and he wasn’t doing anything.  It was the first DH had heard of it so he took her to our GP, who diagnosed growing pains.  Spawn and Meth Mouth were not appeased, so DH took her to an orthopedist who diagnosed growing pains.  Meth Mouth and Spawn were still not appeased so DH took Spawn to Urgent Care…bet you can guess the diagnosis.  DH got Spawn a leg brace to wear since she would not stop complaining about the pain.  Spawn wore it for one whole day so she could garner all the sympathy at school and then the next day was seen at school sans leg brace skipping around like nothing was wrong.  Spawn and Meth Mouth also like to use the ER for basic ailments from bladder infections to hang nails.

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Sounds like a former poster here (Simpleton) who had an SD that would invent injuries for attention but due to poor hygiene actually came down with MRSA!  She did eventually escape stepHELL by divorcing her spineless DH but I how she still lurks from time to time.

Simpleton, please chime in if your're there!!