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Skid 24 suddenly a germaphob?

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Skid24 decided he is going to clean his bathroom (the 3rd time since he has been here in 4.5 months, he is suppose to do it weekly). 

He asked daddy if there are any disposable gloves so he could clean it. I so I had to bite my tongue not not laugh. Skid’s bathroom is gross, I would never use it. He has no problem bathing in filth, sitting in his own piss and crap, brushing his teeth is slime (even leaves his toothbrush lying in it) but needs to glove up. 

Then daddy gives him gloves and the cleaning bucket, skid mention that he needs paper towels. DH gives him a new jumbo roll and explains to him to clean the bathroom and not just spray it with windex and wipe with paper towel but to scrub and use a cleaning rag. Of course skid does a very half ass job and uses only paper towel to wipe and nothing is scrubbed down. What makes DH think that skid will listen especially when you give him the whole roll to take with him?

Sometimes I just have to shake my head.  


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If your DH didn't go through with the mortgage thing it's likely he's trying to curry favor to buy more time

Stay strong. From your past blogs I feel bad that your DH keeps letting him do this shit to your household

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Staying strong, thanks Lady.Tremaine. Told my husband last week that the timeline still stands, and if it was going to change it would be me eviting skid. Told him I wouldn’t feel bad about it either since both of them do not live up to the agreement then why should I. DH knows that I am serious, I think he may try to convince me otherwise but I am not hearing it. I need a vacation and I won’t leave skid in my house while I’m away. 

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I think your DH needs to start making plans with SS, to start moving out.  Is he going to get a apartment or going to BM ?  If he going to look for a apartment this is the time for starting doing that.  Time to get boxes to pack his stuff in packing tape.   Time for DH and SD to  Start a move out list,

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Ss sulked for 2 months at university to not come home. The day hubby picked him up he gave him the talk, i reminded hubby the agreement he had with me that he would ensure ss had 24 hours upon setting foot in our home to bleach the heck out of his bedroom/bathroom, vacuum and mop his bedroom and everything scrubbed down including wardrobes as it had yellow mould and he needed to clean the gecko poop in his room. 

I reminded hubby we have 2 toddlers and once there is mould in 1 of the rooms at home its a health hazard and he has the privilege of a bedroom and ensuite bathroom and the least he can do living rent free is show respect and maintain the cleanliness of both.

we disn’t care if he had assignments or exams, he had 24 hrs to clean or stuff would get confiscated or his bedroom door removed off the hinges. This was the first time hubby actually stood up to his son without feeling any guilt because he knew inside none of the 3 skids have any respect for him, they just treat him like dirt and only want him for money. Hubby checked to make sure it was cleaned properly. 

Ss wasn’t allowed to lock bedroom door. Hubby barged in anytime he wanted to as ss lost the privilege to privacy from being an arsehole. Hubby would come in and if he was playing computer games hubby would be able to see and tell him off. He was forced to stay in common place of the home everyday, not lock himself in his room.

when he came home that 1st day within an hour he was vacuuming his room and hubby got home and made him vacuum the whole ground floor. Is it mean we both were happy and smiling that it was torture for him to have to do chores? Of course not, he is a member of our household and whether he likes it or not he will clean up after himself and share the load or he can fu*k off out of our home

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I commend your DH. That is the way it should be. I wish my husband would find his balls. Did your DH come to this on his own?

This weekend skid24 texted that his “effing car is a piece of shit” and how much it hates it. The car has been acting up but skid hasn’t brought it in. It is a car that DH got him 5.5 months ago which skid has suppose to be paying for but hasn’t. DH told him to bring it to a shop and also told him that he is not paying for it. Skid’s reaction? 

“I should go lay in a ditch dead” “You should have had an abortion with me” “who locks there only son out at Christmas time” It’s went on and on. DH didn’t respond, stopped talking to him. Skid texted back 6 hours later with “Sorry, I’m stressed” DH didn’t talk to skid for just over a day. That is the most my husband has ever done. I’m surprised he did that much. 

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Youi've got it all wrong. He hasn't become a germaphobe, he is just scared that the cleaning products will damage his ever-so-delicate little hands ...

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I think you are right, cleaners might hurt his delicate hands and take away his extra circular activities in front of his lap top (lol).