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DH was a Stepkid with stepsibs

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OK, so DH would really like for DS and SS18 and SD13 to have a good relationship. That is happening naturally for SD13 because she is here EOW. 

SS18 is not ever around DS because he is not interested.


The other day I brought up to DH his childhood. He was a skid to a nice man and his mom had THREE skids to deal  with in addition to her three bio children.

DH said his mom was always exceptionally fair growing up and that he had a good childhood. DH says he was OK with his step sibs. They all got along alright.

But after the death of his Stepdad long after everyone was grown and out of the house, did the skids take his mom to court and protest the will? YOU BETCHA! Does he have any contact with the stepsibs he grew up with? Nope. Nada. 

He is close with his half sibs, but only now as an adult. And all are close in age.

Why is he so shocked that SS18 wants nothing to do with ds?



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It's more fun to live in the pretend Brady Bunch Land in his brain.  Plus it illustrates that one of his precious poopsies isn't behaving as he wishes.  So, instead of acknowledging the reality of mixed families, it's more fun to pretend everything could be unicorns and rainbows and his kid is perfect.  -barf-

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Bio siblings turn on each other over wills too, sadly.  Nothing brings out the worst in people like money.

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Yep. We are right now dealing with a situation in which my brother destroyed the copy of my dad's will at his house. Dumb effer didn't think I have a copy?