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Failure to Communicate

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My DH is not good at communicating. No, he flat out sucks at communicating. He's terrible at communicating with anyone when it comes to personal situations. I know he CAN communicate. He's a very effective communicator at work, but with family and friends...terrible. BM is also horrible at communicating. First, she's just plain dumb and second, she's a ghetto-rat felon. BM can't put the simplest adult thought into a clear sentence. Consequently, SD12 is a horrible communicator. She has both genetics and environment going against her. It drives me absolutely crazy every day. We have SD fulltime while BM has abandoned. The problem I have is even though DH & BM have always sucked at communicating, it is "CLEARLY SM's FAULT" that SD has been with me fulltime for 5 years and she still can't grasp the concept of personal interaction. So sick and tired of being the scapegoat.


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I am in the same exact predicament. SD15 full-time and a SO who can't communicate. I try and try and just give up from exhaustion. I too have no advice - just sympathy. Sorry it sucks.