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So Wednesday, as those of you who read my short, but anger-filled, last blog know, I got a skid-surprise just before leaving work. DH sends me a text saying "Oh I have SD tonight instead of tomorrow". After a fun-filled day of tearing my hair out and wanting to go rampaging through the streets screaming "FADING SMASH!!!!", I really did NOT want to go home and see her. I didn't even want to SMELL her. Alas, I locked myself in the computer room with my animals and ignored the terror occuring outside the door. That was until it sounded like the damned roof caved in. SD was bawling (as usual, it's her get out of jail free card) and DH looked like he shit a brick when I came out. Yet there, on the floor, in about 3-4 pieces was the SIDE OF THE COUCH. Yes, now ladies (and gents), explain to me how in the Hello Kitty the side of a couch just miraculously falls off and breaks into pieces? I think DH was in shock, but says he was in the bathroom when he heard it (I do recall the bathroom fan being on). Naturally, SD, the ever creative sociopath, says that it just fell. She states she was sitting on the floor playing and it just fell apart. Well, funny story, the fabric is kind of a plush, velvety fabric that shows 'weight' or 'pressure' spots. There is only ONE person in our house with feet that small. As I figure it, she chose to stand/jump on it, and being as she is by no means an average weight child (she is overweight for her height/age group), the side pulled apart from the frame and she came down with it, causing the tremendous crash. So theres a $1500.00, 3 year old couch down the drain. I told DH that by no means is SD to be left alone in our house PERIOD, if he needs to do something, I will (regretfully) keep an eye on her. The rest of Wednesday night was crap.

I have had about 6 days rash free. (Read my previous blogs). Well yesterday I wake up and have a breakout on my right arm. Since about 8AM yesterday, I have progressively gotten worse. They are actually starting on my hands, face and feet. My right arm, elbow to shoulder, is COVERED entirely. It itches like mad and when I itch it, it hurts. So far today, I've developed another 2-3 hundred. I think SD's little fiasco brought it on. So now I sit here itching, and itching and itching....

Whoany, last night, went to SD's conferences. Not sure why, I don't really care how she does in school, but DH asked me to go. During the conference, the teacher wants to 'get to know' the student and asks several questions about likes/dislikes, medical concerns, etc. I had to control myself from laughing in BM's face when she said that she's (BM) had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 3 (this was brought up because SD supposedly gets leg pain, which she conveniently only gets when asked to do something or told she has to go somewhere)...Ok, let me explain, BM said this once before and her mother said that she has NEVER been diagnosed with it and to quit lying. I chuckled a bit, but said nothing. Then BM says SD has 'really bad breathing trouble', which only happens when she plays to hard or runs to much, and occurs because the child is OVERWEIGHT.
I made a point to bring up SD's psyche issues (high possibility of being socio/psycho- pathic). The teacher said he was already aware and had already witnessed some strange, but nonviolent behaviors.

On the way out from the school, BM had the NERVE to ask DH for not only money, but $300.00! She said they are 'short on the cable and internet bill this month'. If you can't afford it, you shouldn't have it.

No wonder I am breaking out in hive-like rashes...


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Temporary relief of the itching take a cold pack or a bag of frozen veggies whatever you have handy and put it on the spots that itch that should stop the itching.

Medicate the strange child for permenant relief of the hives?

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Rofl! Here I am trying to medicate myself...Maybe if we medicate her, that'll fix it Smile lol

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"SD, the ever creative sociopath..." Love it--I have one of those too!

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Why not? If I had a psychotic stepchild I would seriously consider knocking him or her out with some benedryl....