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faking amusement during gift unwrapping

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Yet another year of watching step kid unwrap his presents. He was the only kid at the house this year. Great. Watching him unwrap like 10 gifts from dad and family only to like the video game and the over 100 dollar legos dad got him. I think the kid is starting to sense I don't care to much for him because he does not talk to me as much anymore. I really don't care. Also, BM wasn't too friendly this year with me either. She's such a freak B. If we say we are gonna be there in an hour have the effin kid ready by then! we always wait on her stupid ass. If i was involved a little more and picked the kid up my self she would not pull this on me but its still annoying BF does not tell her anything. I don't know why he's scared of her?
Anyone else hate having to watch ungrateful kids unwrap presents?


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Oh yes, I bought sd8 a bunch of awesome,thoughtful gifts. She acted like she didn't like them but they were exactly what she asked for!! My family got her some great gifts as well,but she was her usual ungrateful self,while bs10 was hugging and thanking everyone for his gifts. Sd8 is entitled,life is going to smack her into reality one day! Dh will be very sorry,I tried to warn him....