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New solution to cereal dilemma

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A couple of posts back I posted about how SS was eating three bowls of cereal a day and how I would frequently run out of cereal to feed BS and BD.

Several of you posted some solutions, including buying cereal that I know SS won't like.

I found another solution....

Place boxes of cereal in the bottom pantry shelf at the back. Since tall boy only looks for things at his eye level and upwards, it didn't take long for the cereal supply to return to normal.

Oh, and SS has been bugging me to buy bottled water. He doesn't like tap water. So I bought 6. Every now and then I pull an empty water bottle out of the recycle bin, fill it with tap water and put it in the fridge. 6 bottles of water has now become 15.


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LMAO! that's how I started hiding stuff from SD17. She was way to lazy to actually go on the hunt for something, so I would put BS5 stuff that I didn't want her to scarf in one of those reusable grocery bags and then stick it on the bottom shelf in the pantry. It was perfection, because BS5 knew it was there and could get to it, but SD17 was clueless and lazy so never paid any mind to it.

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The only way vinegar will ruin anything is if:
1. you left it in there long enough for the acid to start eating away at things
2. you never rinsed it out after doing the vinegar cleaning!

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I'm not a coffee snob but I hate decaf and I can't stand instant. DW, my parents and my in-laws tried the same trick I pulled on SS with coffee. Fools! Not only did it not work, but now they've annoyed me and had to listen to my tirade of the merits of REAL coffee over brown water. I know my beer, and I know my coffee! How they heck do you think I survived through engineering school!? Even when I have a cold, am whacked out on meds that have my taste buds shot, I could STILL taste the difference between regular filtered, decaff and instant. TYVM!

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I hide food too. I used to share my stash with SO but not anymore. He realized my hiding spots and started giving my stuff to the SKids. New hiding spots and I don't share anymore. }:)

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Ha, me too! I've been hiding food for years. It's the one and only reason I'm glad SD12 is a lazy ass. She would never seek out and look for something she wants.

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I don't have this problem being that my FDH and SD pretty much eat crap, and I don't, so we don't use the same stuff. Wink

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Haha I'm in your camp. BS and I eat healthy, whole foods. SD and SO eat crap. I look like a split personality at the grocery store, but at least my son's special treats are very rarely touched.

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I have a confession. I have a big box of Lucky Charms hidden in my room that I don't share with the kids.

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I hid food from skids for years. Mainly because they would go thru a $250.00 food shopping in one weekend and I eventually got really fed up with it. So I'd stash my sons school snacks in the salad drawer behind the lettuce and spinach. Worked like a charm.
Many times I wondered if they just took the food to be assholes. SD used to grab an apple, take one bite and then throw it in the garbage. She would open 3 different containers of juice, fill up a HUGE glass, take 2 sips and leave the glass laying around. She did this for years. One day I told her flat out, "I don't know what you're thinking, but I don't get food stamps, so whatever you open, pour, bite, YOU EAT or I'm taking it out of the garbage and making you eat it." That ended that shit pretty rapidly.

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Yesssss.... That. The Skid does that ALL THE TIME... so freaking wasteful. I drink Pelegrino - I'm addicted to it and it's not cheap. The skid would take one, drink a gulp leave it to die on the table... an hour later, same thing.. a bite here, a sip there...

One day, I put the cap back on the bottle and put it in the fridge and told him, if you can't finish it, put it back and save it for later. SO takes skid back one Sunday night, and I look in the fridge... That same bottle, with about a thimble full of water in it, nicely put back in the fridge. Little asshole. Told SO - he said, ohhhh he wouldn't do something like that on purpose.. I said either he did it to be an asshole, or he's retarded.... The problem is, you cannot accept the fact that your "little one" (14) is capable of anything that doesn't involve unicorns and angels.


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lol gee drac, why didnt u think of doing that to start with? }:)

i've got oreo's in my underwear drawer. Blum 3

it is truly amazing how much crap they'll scarf down. mss had a few friends in and out of the house yesterday, and we are now down by a whole box of cereal, whole bags of doritos, fritos, and cheetos, a 6-pack of soda, and about 4 large gatorades. this is within maybe a 6-hr period.

dh was complaining about it, so i told him "just dont buy it. buy a bag of apples and oranges and leave THOSE in the snack drawer. if they get thirsty there's always water, orange juice or iced tea." he thought that was a good idea Wink

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>lol gee drac, why didnt u think of doing that to start with?<

Believe it or not, it was little BS who initially gave me the idea. After he poured himself a bowl, he put the cereal box back in the wrong spot. So the next day, after I thought I was going to loose my mind again over disappearing cereal, I found out where the box actually was. Suddenly I was like *DING*, *DING* *DING*....300 Watt light bulb going off and everything...

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I found putting it in Tupperware containers for cereal, no one realized it was Lucky Charms. I keep the good snacks upstairs in my nightstand. That was for BS20, he would eat anything for awhile there.

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I am having a good giggle here. The kids are not the problem in my house. It's my SO. I hide things all over, even in my car. He is a shocker with luxuries as I see them. It got so bad I hardly buy any now!

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We haven't had skids at the house in a MONTH! It's been awesome! They are (mostly) good kids but they eat and eat and eat. It was not our year for spring break so there was a couple EOWEs that DH didn't get them. It's time to go grocery shopping but I'm going to get the bare minimum to get through the weekend with them. My BS3 LOVES oreo cookies.. he gets 2 a day and a family pack will last a month. Those kids will eat the whole thing in a weekend.

I do most of my shopping at Aldi though so it does save a bunch.

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LOL I hide stuff ALL THE TIME. DH will see me eating something sinful and he say "Hey! where did you get that?"
and I reply "Under a bag of lettuce!"