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Venting & Advice on NOT SO NICE SD's

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There are 3000 miles that separate us. Husband and I are always the ones that have made this journey. I finally decided I need not do this to go and get treated with such rudeness and what really bothered me was that they would treat my HB with such disrespect. That's what finally did it. So tonight he's on his way back bringing the granddaughter back with him she's a great kid and I'm looking forward to seeing her. I look forward to seeing all the grandkids even thought the ex made it quite clear when they were little and tried to call me Grandma(even though I'm only 10 years younger than the daughters) that I was NOT their Grandma. I was NOT BLOOD! I couldn't believe my ears. Anyhow if you were sending your child all the way across country to spend time wouldn't you at least call the person and talk to them? I know I wouldn't let my kids go to anyones house without talking to them. This is the first time this Granddaughter is coming to visit. My HB says well she gave me directions?????? WTF? :jawdrop: I almost called and said ...Well since your not going to call and say anything I thought maybe I should ask are there things that she needs? Likes to eat? But I didn't.
I had this conversation about two years ago with the #2SD when the #1SD sent her child here year after year without so much as a hello. That Granddaughter ended up punching me in the leg and stealing $100 out of my HB wallet. HB never said a word to his BD!!! Needless to say that girl is not welcome here again. There are so many things I don't understand. I would never nor would my children ever treat my HB in that manner. That's why.. they were brought up to have manners and they love my HB and respect him. What really hurts is I feel that my HB has not helped in any of this. I feel like I have no Back UP!

I guess if anything happens I can always say Talk to ur father thats who you gave instructions to....


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I am certainly trying to go the BD route. Unfortunately it doesn't always work. The sad part is it would be such a greater relationship if they were just a tiny bit giving. OH WELL.
Appreciated ur GC quote! The Evil has made it out but will have to go back from where it came!