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Maybe he isn't such a moron after all....

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Could it be that he has gotten a clue??? Step brat likes to go into my daughters room and steal/break her things..She also always has her nasty little fingers all over other peoples belongings...I can't count the stuff belonging to everyone else she has broken...Today, she was messing around with a pen that belongs to me..Granted it's just a pen but it is mine and our son bought it for me for mothers day so it means alot to me..

Yeah, she helped herself to it, and "accidently" broke it..I saw her with something in passing that she was twisting and it was making a weird sound. She was going from room to room with it for a few minutes....I thought it was one of her twisting pencils and had no clue it was my pen until I saw her sit it on the counter...

How does a 12 year old "accidently" break something when she has spent several minutes messing with and twisting it in the wrong direction until it breaks??? Thats not an accident..Now the disgusting thing is that she sat it on the counter and I saw her set it down..Had I not seen her she would have blamed it on our six year old autistic son or acted like she had no clue what happened to it...Grrr... (Its amazing how she never "accidently" breaks any of her own things.)

I expected him to do the usual and say "Sweetheart leave other peoples things alone" and leave it at that..Not this time, DH went off on her!! My daughter and I were shocked and both had our mouths hanging open!!! He told her that he was "sick and tired of her having her fingers all over everyone elses stuff and that she had better start keeping her fingers to herself and respecting things that belong to others!" At the worst she was expecting to be grounded to her room which basically consists of her laying in her bed all day reading...Nope, not this time...DH tells her " I think it's time you learn a lesson about stealing and damaging other peoples stuff!"

He marched over to the xmas tree and yanked one of her presents out from under the tree and said, "To replace the pen this now belongs to (insert my name here)." He opened it up right in front of her and handed it to me...It was a beautiful Geisha doll!! Step brat was shocked and I know that Geisha Doll hit her right where she lived because she loves Japanese stuff and it's something she had been wanting for a long time...He told her "every time you break something of someone elses or steal something from some one I am going to take something of yours and give it to them!"

She has been upstaires in her room pouting for several hours..He went up to talk to her and she told him she was mad because "the doll was really nice" and he told her "yeah and so is all the belongings of your step mom and step sister that you have stolen or broken"... Biggrin I tell you what..That Geisha doll is the best gift I have been given in a long time. I will admire it for years to come..Right now, I am very proud of my DH for growing a sac, standing up to his "princess" and for once making her punishment fit the crime...


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Honestly, Mustang, I have lost track of how many things of mine, my daughters, and our sons that she has broken over the past 9 or so years..Only to typically hear from her daddy "Sweet heart leave other peoples things alone"...With this kid in the house it's like no one can have anything...I swear her fingers are constantly all over other peoples things and it drives me insane...She is just so distructive...If she isn't stealing or ruining our personal belongings then she is damaging our house. Broken doors, broken facets, broken toilet seats, damaged closet doors, damaged floors, fences, paint on the walls. It's almost like she can't stand nice things or living in a nice home. A part of her isn't happy or comfortable until her surroundings look trashy...

Every time the army has moved us to a new location we have had to pay a few hundred dollars to cover the damage that she has done to our quarters. I mean just ridiculous stuff like she will pick paint off the walls or spill ink or paint on a brand new floor..Her attitude is that she doesn't care because she doesn't have to pay for it...She just does whatever she wants too...

DH has been talking about us buying a home when we get stationed back in the states in June...My thought is "Why? So your "princess" can ruin it?". I am not about to buy a home with him when she is still living under my roof so it can look like a white trash shack with in a year..I try very hard to keep our home nice and take care of our belongings only to have them "trashed up" by his kid..I don't want the home that I buy trashed a year after we buy it...

Oh yes, I am sure that she will get sneakier and be out for vengence...It's my belief that she broke my pen on purpose because she was mad at me...She does alot of things on purpose because she is malicious..She always has been. I took the Geisha doll upstaires and put it in my room for that very reason..But I'll be keeping a subtle eye on her and if she takes or breaks anymore of our belongings she is going to find her stuff in the same condition...

Two can play at that game...

In a perfect world their would be retroactive abortion capabilities. ~ disgusted stepmom

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Mustang I'm the one with the broken tea pot. But it sounds like we have the same sd. Glad your DH decided to man up. Wish mine would. Sometimes I think it might be easier if there was a bm in the picture.

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I couldn't agree more...I feel for all the folks on here and what they go through with BM's from hell..And yet, it would be nice to have a BM in this kids life and not have to have her under my roof 24/7/365...We cant even send her to either of her grand parents houses for summer visitations because she doesn't even know her maternal grandmother and Dh's parents/family are all a bunch of wack jobs who DH hasn't spoken to in about 8 years...Hell, I would give my left arm for just a week with out this kid!!!

Perfect world their would be retroactive abortion capabilities.~ disgusted stepmom

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I am impressed. However, I do have a question about the sd. Could it be possible that she may have add? Some of her behaviors are very consistent with a child with add.


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Hi Georgie,

No she doesn't have add..We have had her tested for that and a few other things...She has been to therapist, counselors, medical drs, and a psychiatrist or two over the past 9 years...They have all basically said the same thing which is that "she is very manipulative and dishonest" and "seems to think that being in therapy is funny and that everyone around her is gullible and stupid". She has spent all her time in therapy trying to play, lie to, and manipulate the therapists to the point that we had one tell us that therapy isn't going to do her any good if she isn't willing to be honest and just constantly try to manipulate the therapist or the situation.

THe psychiatrist believes she has a "personality disorder" but that he can't say that "on the record" because a child can't be "labled"..However he did throw out ODD (opositional defiance disorder) which is basically the same thing as being a child socio path..

In a perfect world their would be retroactive abortion capabilities.~disgusted stepmom

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Don't you love it when DH's pull through and do something amazing like that? Smile

If I were you, I would put the doll up somewhere in the living room... somewhere high so she can't reach it and steal/break it. That way, every time she goes into the living room, she's reminded that you have her present. Smile