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Question for you ladies

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So BM runs a online Ebay/Etsy business and Im so tempted to turn her into the IRS for not paying taxes. It sorta bugs me that she generates alot of cash selling "Vintage Clothing" yet its not reported to Family Division, she still collects a mint from the IRS for EIC etc. I dont know if thats caddy of me to even bother or if its possible. Just figured Id ask you.


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effects your life somehow then yes i would.

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Other then her not telling the truth about it, just want to cause her distress. I guess it just feels good to get even every once in a while...

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if the BM in my life did this. But her earnings affect my Hs support, so we do a reason to. It is up to you, you can call without saying who you are.

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I just want to get her in trouble with the IRS and be bitchy for once since she deserves it for the drama she brings me. And some of it is bc she earns unreported income and tried suing my income in court since Jim and I are married. I dont care if either of them know about it, Ill tell them I did it once the IRS comes knocking. I just dont know if the IRS would waste time even considering it. Lame I know...she just always escapes clean with our money and much bs to hand us after

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and she did those things I would probbly report her }:)

But I would never say I did it!

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she deserves it. I love you!!

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Our BM recieved a large settlement from her parents estate while still married to BF but since they had all ready filed he could not get info on it. She lives an extravegant lifestyle and BF pays big for CS and FSS1 comes to us dirty, in hand me downs that don't fit and uses a used car seat, etc.

I would report her - you don't mess with the IRS. I am a tax preparer and I have witnessed people trying to "write off" business expenses with no reciepts or proof - no way I won't do it. Earned income is earned income.