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Text Conversations with BM--it was actually quite entertaining

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This morning I am sitting on a conference call at work when my phone pings... it BM. I had to admit my curiosity was peaked as we hardly ever exchange texts unless theres a last minute request for pick up/drop off. So I thought "ok--that must be what this is" and I look at the message.. the following conversation ensued.

BM: Hey sorry to bother you but could you possibly paypal me 40-50 bucks?
Me: Im sorry was that text meant to go to me?
BM: Yes
Me: Oh, well in that case no.
BM: Seriously just think about it it
Me: Thinking.. thinking.. still no.
BM: My son needs a new backback for next week thats why I need the money
Me: Oh, ok. We can take him to pick out a new backpack this weekend, no problem. (since he will be with us anyway)
BM: No I need the money now, can you paypal to me?
Me: Please refer to my previous answer to this question.
BM: Its for his backpack!!! Why are you being difficult??
Me: And I said we would get him a backpack this weekend.
BM: No, I want the cash.
Me: Yes I want random cash sent to me as well, unfortunately the outlook does not look promising.

She still hasn't responded.
Talked to DH about it.... apparently she already asked him this same question and he had the same response as me--we will get him a new one this weekend not a problem. So she then turned to text the question to me. Is it just me or is this a really bad adult version of "Dad said no so Ill go ask mom" scenario. Ah well I thought it was comical.


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Ok half to vegas... in which all traveling members get a new backpack embroidered with the Stepmonster nickname of their choosing. "you get a backpack and you get a backpack... EVERYONE GETS A BACKPACK!!!"

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you didn't say specifically that, no - but you DID say that anotherstep was wrong for having said you can't gift out of an account that wasn't theirs....

like I said yesterday - you are both right and are saying the same thing.

One spouse cannot gift out of the other's account, without the gift being split and both spouses filing their own form.

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she didn't say that - she said that someone cannot gift from an account they have no control over

It's correct.

Person B cannot gift from person A's account.

Person A must be the donor... and the gift is split when filed on form 709! But person B is not the one gifting, person A is! Person B is simply taking on the tax-payment portion of half of Person A's gift... which thus allows Person A to gift 28k rather than 14k, since each individual is responsible for filing their own 14k on their own form.... making, in effect, person A having gifted 14k and person b having gifted 14k... for tax purposes...

But person B can't just give a gift from person A's account without person A filing a gift splitting form!

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no she didnt... she said exactly what I said she did:

OH please. You have said
Submitted by HRNYC on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 1:34pm.
OH please. You have said repeatedly that you cannot gift split from a separate account

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You can't split from an
Submitted by anotherstep2 on Tue, 06/06/2017 - 1:42pm.
You can't split from an account that the other person has no rights over.

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You're talking semantics - ya'll were talking about whether MIL could gift split this truck.... and she answered in the context you were discussing.... which is that MIL has NO RIGHTS to the business account..........thus she is correct - you cannot split from an account you have no rights to.

MIL wouldn't have any rights to the company account. She can't gift split.

In general - one individual CAN gift split from THEIR SPOUSE'S account. As long as the spouse agrees!! In this case, MIL cannot gift split!

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actually, you're the one saying that. She didn't say anything about limits to business accounts. You're the one drawing parallels with what she said or didn't say, to what you're saying or not saying.

A couple can gift from one account regardless of whether both are on the account.....but ONLY if they're married... up to a max of 28k... and if they both file the 709 form. Wife cannot gift from husband's accont on her own, despite being married.

In this situation's case, the gift is supposedly a business expense - if that is in fact the case, she is correct.

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And further to her point - gift splitting allows A MARRIED COUPLE to split a gift's total value as if each contributed half the amount...

Not a company and the owner's wife!


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It is and it isn't...... She's speaking as if it's assumed it's a company gift, as that is the information given to us. The truck was DH's bonus.

Assuming the gift is from a business account, she is correct, MIL cannot split from an account she has no rights to.

He may very well have treated the funds from business to which case yes, MIL can split, and you are correct.

I'm not backpedaling - I've maintained, throughout, that you are both right... it just depends on what actually happened!

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Ha, I didn't even realize!! I only meant that all of this whole tax BS all over the board is making me :sick: !!

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I know she has smoked pot in the past.. not sure if she has ungraded to the big stuff. He has to do summer school so I understand needing a new backpack which we can def take him to pick one out... but no crazy pants Im not paypalling you money. But if anyone would like to send me some random cash that would be great.. I was having visions of that commercial about the old ladies using facebook.. "thats not how this works.. thats not how any of this works.."

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We had a neighbor that used to occasionally help my DH do odd jobs around the place. They rented a small home on the way into our farm. He would ask my DH several times a week for 20 bucks or something. One day my DH asked him why he kept asking for money when my DH never gave it to him.

He said... well if you don't ask, you know you won't get it.???

Hope sprang eternal with that guy.

Unfortunately, he and a few of his relatives ended up breaking in and stealing from us... it was a real kick in the teeth after all the things my DH HAD done for him and his family. I mean, he didn't pass out money, but he did pay him for jobs and even sort of created work for him when he knew the guy needed it like back to school for the kids. Also brought them tons of food from our catering operation... gifts for the kids etc.. even paid to get some dental work done for the guy. oh well.

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If BioHo ever texted me, I'd block her skanky arse faster than the Flash can run down the block. My parents raised me to be polite to everyone - even the sh!tty people - but when MY phone is violated, it's a free-for-all.

Block her.

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Well she typically doesn't text me.. however she is saved as "SATAN" in my contacts so its pretty amusing to look down and see SATAN calling or one new message from SATAN

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LOL! I'd steal that, but my phone remains pure... no BM # in there. Zero communicatjon EVER, just the way I like it.

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bahahahahhaha no but if I were to send her money I would include an invoice with a processing & handling fee, an annoyance fee, and one extra fee that would all total to about $5 over what I would have sent... just because I enjoy being thorough in my petty behavior.

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I am in SHOCK!! I can't imagine BM texting me for anything, let along money. Just WOW!!

BM hates it when she does ask DH for money and I write the check...
Plus she refuses to communicate with me period so I guess I am safe from this kind of insanity.

Loved your answers!!!!

Next time she asks for money just send her replies via Gif's....that would be hysterical!

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Kind of relieve SS's BM is too proud to text me asking me for money but I also got a huge kick out of this. Good for y'all for both being on the same page and your responses were perfect.

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For real.. its like you're on the street and a robber comes up with a gun and demands money.. then says please. Like oh ok.. well since you said please and all I feel so much better about this exchange.

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Id say shes huffing glue based on the ridiculousness of the request.. but let's be honest, she doesn't have the brain cells to kill to begin with

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Well, that is just bizarre, BM asking YOU for money.

I love it when people want the cash and are so opposed to you buying what they say they want the money for. DH's oldest, estranged daughter once asked him for money, said she needed diapers for the baby. DH asked her what size and took her diapers. She never asked for money again. Actually, I don't think we heard from her again, period.

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Im still here patiently awaiting for someone to randomly send me cash on my pay pal account... *sigh.. it has yet to happen

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No, I use it all the time and it's pretty much immediate (the payment is). Transferring it out of your paypal account and into your BANK takes 2 working days.

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This is quite hysterical! I commend you for exercising wit during this bizarre exchange. I could not have done more than "no" if I had answered at all.

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Honestly, I would be hard pressed to even send food. People shouldn't be taking care of kids they can't afford to feed. However, if I wanted the break, I would gladly send food.

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Moving_on, you know the ability to feed and care for a child has NOTHING to do with careless (or carefully planned) procreation.

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It was always feast or famine at BM's depending on when the food stamps came in. I still to this day have no idea how she couldn't feed herself and three elementary aged kids on $700/month.

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That's so crazy to me, too. I have said many times in my life, "we have no food," but we could go at least two months without starving. I just mean no food I want or want to prepare.

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So one time SS sold food for a fund raiser. BM picked up the items and had them at her house. SO went to pick up skids and the food. BM wasn't home but the skids were. SO asked SS, "where is the food you sold?" SS just shook his head. And now, I KNOW this is wrong but SO walked to the freezer (the food items were frozen) and opened it. There was NOTHING in it. He opened the fridge and there was nothing in it, either. I couldn't believe it. Like not even ketchup. I honestly felt bad for them that day. And then I knew why they ate everything in sight when they came to our house.

Although - another time - they brought a crap ton of junk food to our house. I wasn't happy about it. Like I said, they either had TONS of crap junk food or nothing.

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PrincASS and PigPen whine to BioHo that we have "nothing to eat" at our house.

Translation: we do not have sugary cereals, cookies, pop tarts, potato chips, or other sugary/salty/craptastic junk for them. (We DO, but keep it hidden. LOL!!)

So... BioHo buys them junk food to eat at our house because mean ol' DH expects them to eat normal food. }:)

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UPDATE*** BM finally responded at like 10 at night.. I just couldn't help myself:

BM: Your being an ass
Me: You mean *you're
BM: Really?
Me: If YOU'RE going to insult me at least do it correctly--it lacks the intended "ouch" factor.

DH laughs and says "why do you have to stir the pot?" I just smile and say "it's part of the charm you fell in love with."

Ahh good times

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Agree. DH said that BM isn't making the money bar tending that she used to... I said that she merely need sto up her going rate for BJ's... its a smart business decision.

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YASSS! I would be happy to create a power point for her to explain that due to inflation she isn't madding her margin enough. But like I said to DH before.. yes she was once an attractive young female bar tender.. she prob makes good tips now. But that appeal is only going to last but so long in that career choice.

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Hahahhaha.. I love how these BM's try to manipulate every situation. Nah.. sorry sweetheart I have way more common sense than you.. and Im prettier.