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If my DH crabs at OUR 8 year old one more time about his shoes not being perfectly placed on the rack by the front door after he allowed SD room to be filled with piles of dirty clothes, empty food wrappers, dirty dishes, used tampons etc.and her bathroom to have dirty underwear, empty shampoo bottles all over the tub floor, makeup spills on the counter et. for TWO freaking years, I'm going to lose it.

That is all


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I would feel the same way. It is amazing that SD can do many many things without DH even blinking an eye.

Daizy if he does say something instead of getting upset and losing it, take that shoe and shove it up DH's, well you get my drift.

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Unroll it from front door to SDs room, maybe he will make the association. That you are tired of her making your home resemble a sewer. Garbage in her room does not even come close to some misplaced shoes. Grrr!

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Thankfully, she's been gone for 4 years and her room is, as of last week, now BS8 new room... which is clean and orderly, and never to be set foot in again by her. I was going to leave BS8 old bed up in his old bedroom which is going to become my new work out room, but DH, himself said no, there is no need for that.... SOOOO the only spare bed will be in the basement in DH's ":hunting room" with no TV and of course bad internet service.. no I'm starting to feel pretty confident that the days of skids trashing ANY area of my home again, are GONE!  Biggrin

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But, but, don't you know skid is freaking perfect just like they are??

My formerSO literally expects more from my 19mo old than he does his 13yr old brat. WTF?! But oh... "he doesn't know any better" because [insert excuse here]. How about you freaking teach him then?

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I just don't get it at all.  I asked and begged and bitched that DH do something about SD slob hole of a room.  I mean the rest of our house is ALWAYS neat and tidy and clean (except for dog hair) and he always had some excuse...... SD doesn't know any better, that's how she was raised, you just don't like SD, I don't want her to get mad and go back to BM's.... but I guess since none of those lame excuses apply to BS8 the bar is set much, much, MUCH higher.

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Absolutely ridiculous. This is his son, too, correct? If I had a kid with hubby and he did that I'd literally lose my sh!t on him.

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HE is a Like a kid on the playground...I KNOW YOU ARE BUT what am I,,,nah nahhh boo boo. Your feet stink, YOURS stink more. 

soooo sorry he said that. Sad

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I have to point this out every single time.. to be met with the deer in the headlight stare. WTF man grow a pair with your stinking kid, The kicker is that when OUR kids bring this up to dad he gets pissed. Then its my fault because for years I have been complaining about stuff like this. Like they aren't fn smart enough to see it..

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Holy hell....this is EXACTLY what I went through for 10 years as a full-time SM to SD!  It was pure hell.  SD had piles of dirty clothes (including nasty socks and underwear) piled in 2 corners of her room.  She would actually wear them to school dirty.  At one point, DH said he could barely stand to hug her because she smelled so bad.  She had used tampons/pads sitting all over her room and even under her mattress!  Regardless of how bad it was, DH would rather jump all over OUR BD8 for every little thing out of place.  I have to believe that maybe DH just gave up on SD.  She truly was untrainable and was a difficult child from the very beginning.