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Filing Income Taxes

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Just wondering if anyone knows... in our divorce agreement it states that my ex and I will take turns claiming BD on our tax returns. I know its a little early to be worrying about this but I want to be prepared so here is the question:

This is the first year that BD has had an after school job. It is my ex's year to claim her on his taxes. How do we claim her income? Do I claim it, does he or does she file on her own with neither of us claiming her on our returns? She is only 15 but made prob close to $5000.00 over the summer and is still working approx. 20 hrs/week during the school year.


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I think that since it is his year that he would claim her income on his tax's, but I am not a CPA or accountant of any kind so if you are friendly with her father I would suggest to him that he look into it unless he is already educated in that regard. Since it is not your year I wouldnt concern yourself, but if you are pretty sure she will work next year it wouldnt hurt to get the information so that next year when it is your concern you will be prepared.

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I am not friendly with her father and he is pretty greedy sometimes so I am worried that he will do it inappropriately and my daughter will pay for it later in life.

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BD would claim her own income, but she would not claim herself as a dependent. She would file "single - zero." Biodad would still claim the exemption for her this year.