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Spoiled, ungrateful fleabag stepkids

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I pretty much hate my stepkids now. They behaved like a$$holes at dh's dads funeral and they made it known to everyone how upset they were and that my son was not. My son barely knew the man and he acted like I raised him to, with class. No he didn't blubber around like they did saying it isn't fair and he was to young. The man was 79 years old and had cancer. We knew this was coming. Sigh, whatever. The worst part is Fil left his fortune to my stepkids and his other children. My stepkids will be rich. Not richy rich rich but if they are smart they wouldn't have to work. Dh is the only one remarried so I think that is why he didn't inherit anything. OOOOHHHHHHHH the big greedy second wife is gonna steal the inheritance. Dh doesn't care and said it would have gone to his kids anyway. I care because I've had to listen to them say they can afford to do what they like as adults, they can buy their way into college or that they don't need to go and then they ask my son what his plans are. Stupid f@cking stepkids! They asked dh to drive them around last night to look at houses for investment properties and then told ds he can come if he wants. Such a$$holes!


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They are teenagers and not even old enough to work. This whole comment was to make my son feel excluded and it did. It worked and those cretins didn't go nor did they want to, they just wanted to point out to ds once again that they had money and he didn't.

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Wait, What? You're upset because skids got an inheritance and can pay for their own college or not go at all. And because they offered your son to join them while looking at properties???

Please correct me if I'm not getting this one.

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I'm upset about their I am better than you to my son attitude. They are being nasty because they inherited money.

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I'd be upset if DH's parents cut him out of the will because of me as well. That would make my blood boil for him, even if he didn't care. And it would make my blood boil for me since I've put money into these entitled skids for years. Kind of feel like I deserve a little something from DH's family. But...DH's parents have not cut him out of the will and they love me, as does DH and his kids...for now. At least, they act like they do. Am a little worried about inheritance issues and how it will all play out. We recently did our wills, and DH wanted to leave everything to me if he dies first. I insisted that he leave something specifically to each kid (not our house or other assets that we've bought and built up together...not the businesses either). It's just a reasonable monetary amount so that there's no question that they were forgotten or left out. To me, I'd rather give something to each kid when their dad dies than deal with any issues. Since I have no kids, they get everything that's left when we both pass.

People get weird and greedy at funerals...or so I've heard. My family has always been really easy-going and good about it. If I were OP, I would feel like these skids were rubbing it in my face and my DH's face.

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I think I would be happy about it. DH wouldn't have to pay for college, no grown skids have to live in my house and I don't have to worry about DH sneaking them money behind my back. Even though my skids are 11 and 13, I think I'm dreading the adult years with grandbabies more than the teenage years. Smile

...Not the rubbing in face part, of course.

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Those are good points.

If the skids inherit something directly from grandparents, which I am certain that they will, that will be the end of us picking up any extras for sure. At least, as long as I can stick to my guns. Each skid got about $1000 from grandparents at Christmas and, in January, BM was asking us for $350 to help with OSD's college books for the semester. Um...hello? What is she doing with the money I know she just got?

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It's not even about the money, it is about how they are acting and dh sees nothing wrong with their idiot selves. These nasty cretins are taunting my son and I am sick of it.

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If only I could get my hands on their money, I'd spend every last cent on tissues and store them in a warehouse so when they found out the money was gone they'd have a tissue. HA!!

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So it looks like your FIL knew exactly what he was doing by not leaving his money to your husband.

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I'm curious as to whether DH was really cut out, or if he inherited in ways that are much safer for him in case of divorce, especially since OP has been on the verge of it in the recent past...

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This is true.. but I guess the FIL might not want the son to allow his new wife to benefit in any way by giving his son money... but that seems overly petty and spiteful.

It may be possible that FIL sees his son as not a good money manager or perhaps he has loaned him money in the past and feels he has given him "enough".

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If they are teenagers and have full access to that money, no trust fund or guardians to dole it out, they will be broke in 5-8 years.

I used to work in finance and insurance. I've seen it so many times.

Your son is the one who will be laughing in the end because he's the one who's going to understand how money works and how to keep it.

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Did your DH already sponge the heck out of his parents long before Dad's death? I've read a lot of wills in courthouses (research) and found it quite common to read "to my son, _______, the sum of zero as he has received his share during my lifetime".

Or did he just p*ss the old guy off once too many times?

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I am sorry for your lost crackergirl but I am so happy for your skids.....

FIL did the right thing, my parents will do the same one day, they already said their fortune will go to grand kids and not their kids..... I have no problem with this....

I already decided I will get Deigma to invest his money and give me signature rights, then I can have it all to myself... so you just need to be clever, tell skids about investment opportunities and you can help them, oh if they want to buy property it's easy they are minors, legally they can't sign any contracts, you can do that for them and simply change names, their money but property in your name... see easy to win.... and all your property goes to BS anyway...... he can laugh in their faces one day.

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