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School Lunches

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Due to our schedules, I do help DP get the girls lunch bags together when they are with us, most of the time – but not all of the time. He does dishes most evenings and helps them with breakfast in the mornings (I KNOW THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THIS THEMSELVES which is why I don’t do breakfast for them at all any longer, unless I want something yummy for myself).

Well, SD11 – the pickiest eater that I have ever met, stopped eating the main (hot) part of her lunches for too many days in a row. Told DP if she did it again, I would stop making it at all and just jam a whole bunch of chips in her lunch along with a protein bar because that’s all she’s eating. He warned her. So Thursday she got chips and a protein bar. This happened once before and she was *shocked* that there wasn’t a “main course.” Main course SD11? You don’t eat “main courses,” you eat snacks. That’s what I gave you.

Unfortunately SD9, who has better eating habits, but not great, is also affected by this. She’s ignored her thermos as well, not because she doesn’t like something but because she’s either tired of it or didn’t feel like eating it that day. So she got chips/snacks too. She recently stopped eating carrots, which she loved, because she had some carrot cake a couple weeks ago that “made her tummy hurt.” So now no carrots. There’s no explaining carrot cake does not = carrot.

DP said SDs complained about it. Most of the complaining was done (surprise!) by SD11. That she “didn’t have anything to eat.” HA! DP apparently explained that yes she did, she got exactly what she eats and we left out what she doesn’t. Too bad. (GOOD DP)

DP and I agreed that if there’s any more complaints I’m simply going to stop all lunch making. DP can do it (he’s really bad at it, to the 10th degree), the SDs can get lunch money and get the school lunches, OR they can make their own lunches with whatever we have in the house. No special grocery runs. We have plenty of good food and they can manage to choke it down if they are hungry.


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Haha, my nephew would not eat sandwiches when he was young. He was terrified something in the sandwich might fall out onto his hands. You should have seen the look on his face when I served him a Sloppy Joe one day.

He wouldn't eat ice cream cones, lest they drip down onto him. Oh, the horror!

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Oh, he was something else! Cleanest little boy I have EVER known. Play in the dirt? Not a chance in hell.

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Oh god it's not about me not allowing but DP and BM not making them do it or learn it. Since I came around they can now, in the last year, make their own toast or waffle toast, cereal, noodles, rice, and Mac n cheese. That's it. I don't cook for them much at all any longer and finally DP is getting fed up too. Finally!!!!