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Health issue - YSD

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I realized today what may be causing YSDs mysterious health symptoms.

Supposedly it's because she hit her head (again - she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings enough) and had resulting "concussion like" symptoms. Cue the rest, etc. She's had them before (yes 2x). But it's not getting all that better. She's got an appointment at the children's hospital for a more in depth exam soon.  Headaches, nausea, exhaustion....

While it 100% could be the additional head bump, I am wondering if it's because of her "vegan" diet she went on this summer. I warned DH, and her, that if she didn't learn to actually eat properly as a vegan she could end up with serious health issues. And her symptoms could be iron deficiancy for one.

Today she ate one piece of toast with one avodado on it. No butter, no oils. This was around 11 am ish.

She just now, at 3:30, ate a tiny bowl of leftover pasta with some tofu in it. Not sure if there were any greens. No fruit. No snacks in between.

For dinner, she'll probably have beans and rice which is good, but she'll load up on the salt.

She looked very pale.

I'm interested to find out what happened last night and/or today. DH says he's "not doing too well today." So something must have happened...I will play the ususal waiting game on all of this.


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I bet that is the root cause. You really have to know what to eat to avoid malnutrition.  Not just iron but MANY vitamins and minerals can have an effect if they are low.  


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My picky toddler had low iron levels. The doctor spotted it because his toe nails were curving up, not down. Apparently "spoon nails" is a classic sign.

How are your sd's nails looking? 

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I never see her feet. She always has shoes or socks on. Even in summer.

DH is asking her now if she's had a blood test...nope! Incompetent doctor. Hopefully those at Children's will run more thorough tests.

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Undiagnosed autism spectrum. But yes, I think she does and I've been very explicit with DH about it.

I did drop a line tonight that "your symptoms also sound like anemia." Which I recently went through. At least that's all I had to say and DH os on it.

He can't do anything tho. BM controls the docs. He'll likely mention it to BM tho.

Also turns out her symptoms happened ten DAYS after her head bump (which really didn't seem that bad from her description ).

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She's too tired to play a game tonight.

DH said something about her being non committed to taking a blood test. "It's not her decision DH, it's a parental decision." Then I was done with that convo.

He just told her it was too bad she hit her head and hopes she feels better soon. Then launched into a story about when he hit his head when he was younger.

I expect this to play out as she gets worse. Because I'll bet she will.

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Very sad for SD that her parents are not taking strides to get her help. IMO she has an eating disorder. I would have a hard conversation with your DH to prevent SD from ending up in the hospital with serious health issues that will not be reversible. 

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And it is imperative that he understands that people DIE from eating disorders every day. He cannot just sit on his hands and hope for the best. He really needs to get his arse into gear.

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If SD told her dad that she's not committed to taking a blood test, I wonder if it's not an incompetent doctor, but a refusal to do it on her part. Sending her off to the Children's Hospital suggests, to me, competence. 

I can't imagine that blood tests won't be ordered at the hospital. Her dad might want to attend the appointment to ensure they are done. 


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Yeah, I've had those convos with him. Unfortunately it's like all input I try to give. In one ear out the other.

He said last night he feels like he can't do anything,  doesn't know how. I've told him over and over DO something - make a plan and follow through! And yes, I've also told him to go to the appointment. 

I'm just the SM and what do I know? The best I feel I can do today is suggest he talk with BM about the upcoming appointment. 

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Blood test that tests all they can.  Always falling can be a symptom of something?  Should be look into. People do live the vega life.  Somrthing to really look into. What's needed daily in food intake. 

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Hopefully DH will wake up and listen to you. I ageee with others -- it could be some form of eating disorder. Switching to a new, strict diet can be a big red flag. (Not that there aren't people who are legitimately vegan for non-disordered reasons. But when a young girl does it and there are other issues...)

Speaking as someone who grew up with an anorexic sister, I genuinely hope she gets the care she needs. It got to a point where my sister had to be sent away to a special treatment ranch to save her life. And she had intelligent, competent, functional parents -- and my dad is a doctor.

All that to say, eating disorders are not something to waffle around over.

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DH followed up with BM last night. He asked her if she's aware the symptoms are very similar to anemia and linked to a Google AI summary of anemia information. 

BM responds by asking him why would he think this and please don't send any AI derived information to her again.

He responded beautifully, stating his concern with her symptoms and lack of time with her recently.  No response from BM. He is leaving it now. BM has medical authority of course.

Also, no, there is no appointment at Children's.  BM was just thinking about it apparently. 

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DH could call the school counselor and tell them what is going on with skiddo---He could word it "to keep an eye out for her" if she falls again.. THIS alone may elevate the situation to take her back to the Doctors. If nothing more it puts heat on bm to do something. 

I'd call her doctor too. F bm

Her falling down is concerning. 




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No falling down. She was leaning over to pick something up and hit her head on a board in a semi dark area. Sounds like, from her description that she didn't hit her head that hard...classic YSD move BTW.