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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Sorry for the late start,  STalkers. Things are a bit unsettled in our house just now...

DH was sent home early from work last night. One of his coworkers has COVID-19 symptoms. He is home until a) the test results are back, and 2) his workplace is sanitized. To say I'm concerned is an understatement.

I am thankful for:

  • Waking up today
  • A solid roof over our heads
  • Clean clothes to wear 
  • Nutritious food to eat
  • Anxiety meds
  • Running water (and TP!)


Wishing all of you good health!



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Oh Ani, I am sending all the good thoughts and vibes I can for your lovely DH and for you.


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Sending all positive and loving vibes to both of you.  

Please keep us updated! ox



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Thoughts and prayers, Aniki.

I am terrified of my DH getting this.

But, I am thankful that we both seem fine, at the moment. Both still working, which is a blessing and a curse, since we cannot work at home.

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I'm also terrified of DH getting sick. He's 70 and with diabetes (controlled). I'm still working so he's the one doing grocery runs, etc. He's not the most detail oriented guy in the world, so I remind him to use hand sanitizer and masks and wash when he gets home. I hate feeling that I treat him like a child, but I have to. Consequences are just too serious, and he admits to forgetting about those things.

But I am thankful that we're both healthy, and we haven't had much of a financial hit from this.

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Merry, I am also the one doing grocery runs (mask and gloves). I am healthier than my DH - my woes are mostly muscular issues. 

This is a scary time. Sad