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Ahh the fun is almost over!

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Is it just me or do the weekends w/o the skids go by way too quickly? It seems like on these weekends, there are a few hours taken out of each day and added to the weekends when the skids are here! 8 AM Monday morning just comes way to damn fast! And to make matters worse, the camp that SS11 attended 3 days per week just ended on Friday, which means I'm stuck with the brat! God I wish school was starting tomorrow! Smile

In other exciting news - my baby boy has gotten his first 2 teeth!! Maybe now he will start biting SS11 for always touching the baby toys with his disgusting feet Blum 3


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Ha ha...that is awesome...I hope your little guy does that! I can't stand when my SS who is 8 freaking years old plays with my 3 year olds toys and takes them from Skids have a flat screen t.v., and Xbox with Kinect and a Wii and my SS8 is still freaking bored!!! WTF!!!! }:)

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Both SS11 and his brother SS16 have the same things in each of their bedrooms and yet SS11 is constantly bored and needs Daddy to keep him occupied! It's so stupid! I find myself telling him to go get an imagination or go outside and burn off all the energy he has! And God help him if he thinks he will pull the same stunt that your SS does by taking the baby's toys... when it comes to my baby boy I am ferocious (to say the least!) LOL