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OT kidney stone/s

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Just thought I might be able to get some suggestions or help with this as I've been sick since Christmas Eve. I had a kidney stone on xmas eve, passed around New Year's Day. Had an infection with that and took antibiotics. Infection came back, took another round of antibiotics.

I am still in pain. My left kidney feels like a balloon blown up too big and about to burst.

Yet...all tests come back as normal. Blood, urine and CT scan. Normal. No infection, no stones, no blockage. Nothing. I don't pee any blood, don't see blood, no bruising, no vomiting. I don't even have a temp.

It's being just managed with a prescribed anti-inflammatory and Buscopan, which is usually for IBS but can be used for 'renal spasms'. I guess that's what I have as it's working.

Maybe it's just damage from being sick for so long. If anyone has any ideas or voodoo spells or magic potions I will try anything. Acra suggested some all natural tincture which I have bought and taking now.

Just thought someone may have or heard something that works because, at this point, I'm running out of options. Also, OUCH!


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That doesn't sound right... are you drinking extra amounts of water to help flush the remainder of it out? When was the last time you had the blood and urine and the CT scan done? If it doesn't go away in two weeks, I would go back for another round of tests. Something could be lurking.

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I drink water all the time. Always have. Just had all the tests done 3 days ago. I'm seeing aUrologist this Thursday so hopefully he can do a different test or recognize my symptoms. My regular doctor and the A&E (ER) are out of options that they are able to offer.

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My grandma and my uncle swear by this! My Grandma's had kidney stone issues all her life, but she says when it starts getting bad, she drinks cranberry juice with every meal and then maintains with one glass per day. The apple cider vinegar is new but she says she thinks it works better.

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I have a friend who is not yet 30 and was getting kidney stones often (ouch!). Very healthy eater. She told me recently that since she cut out caffeine, she's had far fewer issues. ???

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My mom had kidney stones off and on for over a year. She had some renal damage due to the stones. Lots of appointments and tests later, and persistence on her part, she had an answer.After almost 15 months, they determined her parathyroid was sucking calcium from her bones to create the stones.

My best advice is to keep pushing. You know your body and you know something isn't right.

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Different stones are made from different things. Stay hydrated, cut out soda and reduce spinach consumption. That has helped me tremendously. Those things are a b*tch.

What did Acra recommend?

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A. Vogel Dandelion taraxacum drops. It does say it's for gall bladder/liver/kidney things. She had gall bladder and liver issues and has been taking these drops for 8 months and there has been significant improvement.
Couldn't hurt either way I figured.

That's the thing - I have always drank mainly water. I only have 2 cups of coffee per day. I don't like sodas and rarely eat spinach. All the things I've ready to do to prevent them, I do it. All the things to say to avoid, I don't do anyway.

Maybe they're more genetics. Either way, it's been a nightmare.

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i'm very happy with that.... my Gal is almost 100% functioning....

Oh and some one suggested cranberry juice - that's another winner for bladder and kidney infections, but you need to drink at least 2 liters on the first day, keep it up till the 3rd day, I have no idea why but that stuff flushes kidney's.... better then beer....

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Thanks hun, I think I've read these articles. The only thing I can see to change is my diet. They say to avoid organ meat and I eat a lot of sausage. Also I eat a ton of pasta and not enough fruit and veg.

Otherwise, I don't drink sodas and juice, 2 cups of coffee a day, not much spinach, allergic to shellfish.


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Pasta is my soul food. There is nothing more satisfying and orgasmic than pasta. Double sigh...