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I'm so angry I told him not to come near me

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Yesterday about 6pm I go upstairs to change into pajama bottoms. DH and I have separate rooms because he snores like a den of grizzly bears Smile Anywho, the average American walk-in closet is bigger than this room. It seriously just fits a single bed and tiny little wardrobes.

So I go into the little room and find 2 school rulers on the bed. I asked SS13 why he left them on my bed. He mumbled sorry and took them back into his room. I told him to stay out of that room as there's nothing in there for him and no reason he should be in it. Put my pajama bottoms on and didn't think anymore about it.

At 10pm I go upstairs to bed. Go in my little room and go to turn on my tablet. I only ever use my tablet for a sleep fan app because I have to sleep with fan noise. Horrible waste of money for a tablet, I know, but the tablet NEVER moves. I go to reach for it and it isn't where I always leave it. Turn the bedroom light on and find my tablet on the chair, next to where it usually sits on the table.

Then it hits me - SS13 was in my room earlier. Sure enough I go into the internet explorer tab and that little F**KER WATCHED PORN ON MY TABLET!!! Sat on MY bed watching that filth. Doing what boys do when they watch that filth.


So this morning DH read the note I left for him last night because if I had started talking about it, I would've killed someone. DH was absolutely disgusted and LIVID. Needless to say he is grounded until forever and I am seething. I have my bedding in the wash right now and have wiped down everything in the room.

I'm so disgusted and angry that I can't even really put it into words. GRRRRRR!!!!!!


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Omg....I didn't think this situation would take this turn.

I wonder what your DH is going to do now?

SS isn't very clever is he, it's almost like he wants to get caught.

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My guess is he heard me coming up the stairs and he was in there so threw the tablet on the chair and hurried up back into his room. Filthy little f***er.

He already has his screens taken away as he was caught sneaking those within 2 days of getting them back for very limited time. DH said he can sit downstairs on the sofa until bed time as he cannot be trusted to be upstairs by himself.

Personally I don't want the little pervert anywhere near me so I will probably send him to his room until DH gets home. I don't want to be anywhere near that idiot at the moment.

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I'm not locking anything, though I did put a password on my tablet. After the crazy angry I was last night, he looked terrified. I do believe he won't mess with any of my things anytime soon. I put the fear of Everything into that kid.

No he isn't clever enough to cover his tracks but I'm not mentioning that. Once he learns that, we'll have a whole new level of heck to deal with. My guess is he had to run when he heard me coming up the stairs.

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The only thing worth any value to SS now has a password on it. Once I tell him that, he will have zero interest in going in my room again. Besides, I'm not hiding my things under lock and key in my own home. I'll empty his room and make him earn all of his stuff back before I live as a prisoner in my house because of some porn addicted, screen addicted skid.

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^^^ funny!

Trust me, there are still "things" of interest in your room. Last year I went through this situation with ss14. He was trying to watch porn on our electronics but we have them on parental lock with passwords AND he kept stealing my underwear and bras. He stole BMs garments as well. Even after we both chewed his .... he still kept stealing them. So don't think you are in the clear. Your ss has urges and he will find other outlets.

We put a lock on our door. I still yell at him when he goes down stairs without an adult. He is not allowed downstairs without an adult. Other then my husbands "man cave" there is nothing down there for him.

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He did have the xbox back for a whole 2 days until he was caught sneaking it. DH said since he cannot be trusted to be upstairs by himself, he has to stay downstairs until bedtime. I will have to have words with DH about that because I don't want to be within eyesight of that kid today. I'm probably going to send him upstairs until DH gets home cuz the little f-er gives me the creeps right now.

DH also said he was going to tell BM2. Doesn't mean much to me but SS13 gets terrified and horribly embarrassed when his mum knows what he's been upto. F-ing pervert.

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No hun, xbox, tv and dvd player were already gone. They were gone seconds after I found him sneaking them after only 2 days of having them back. He isn't getting them back this side of 2016 the way I feel today.

He's not that clever Sal...hence why he keeps getting caught. He was in there because it was the only screen he could get his hands on to feed his addiction. He has no way to play the screens in his bedroom and we would've heard him trying to turn on the living room tv. Next best option was SM's tablet that's always sitting out.

I honestly think he then heard me coming up the stairs and had to make a run for it.


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LOL thanks thrice but it's more of a Metallica day for me. I need to expel this anger in a non-violent, non-I-just-committed-murder way!

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Yep! Funny enought he hasn't pooped himself since all his screens (ie addiction) was taken away. Once DH gave him laxative meds and he cleared himself out, haven't had a problem since. Because he can't sit on screens 24/7 instead of doing basic human things such as sleep, eat, drink and use a toilet.

Funny coincidence, isn't it...

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Not a coincidence, but you know that Smile

Dang, I can't imagine my SS still having pooping issues AND jerking off too. YUCK! But the day is coming...*SHUDDER *

I'm glad you went nuts on him.

I'd get a lock too, though, you need your own privacy.

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Sal I'll leave it in the middle of the bed with the door wide open and him knowing it's password protected. Better? Blum 3

Likeminded I hope you never have to experience and of this non-sense. It's really not nice.

As for the locks I'm not doing them yet. Maybe I'm being stubborn but I just refuse to lock my stuff up in my own home because of the actions of a child. HE needs to learn basic manners and respect and some flipping self control.

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:jawdrop: I didn't even consider that. I over looked the rulers in the post completely :sick:

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Just going to throw it out there that he may not be thinking of you when he's taking care of his business. When I first read what you wrote, before the moving on to the comments, I thought of him messing your bed in a malicious way. Kind of like how guys say "suck my d!ck". It's not because they like it but because they don't like whoever they're saying it too. I'm more likely to believe he messed your bed so he can go tell his friends how you slept in it afterwards.

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Well he didn't mess up the bed. However he's 13 and was watching porn and sitting on my bed. So he at the very least had a semi going on. Which just grosses me out and I can't even think of what his hands were doing. The same hands that touched my tablet.

That's why I scrubbed down the entire room and still feel like :sick:

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Well he's only 13, not my kid and I have no idea if there are military schools in the UK. I would imagine there are but it's not my call. Bleh.

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Sally is right, get a lock for your bedroom. Passwords only protect the device, not your personal space. Just the thought of SS masturbating in my room (tissues or not) is enough to make my skin crawl. And we already know he likes his SM porn. Ugh.

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Robin if he ever goes in there again for any reason, the handle will be changed to a lock and key one, I promise!

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Oh I could have killed him last night. I woke him out of a deep sleep and I must've looked like a just escaped a mental ward. I. was. seething. I really do hope I scared the bajeezus out of him because he needs to change his attitude.

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Wow. The little wanker needs therapy.

Wonder what he was doing with the rulers? .... or dare I ask?

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He has an appointment in March to be evaluated. This will all be told during the visit. Surely it will raise huge concerns with them.

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He has an appointment in March to be evaluated. In England it isn't going to happen any faster (the joys of an overburdened national health system). He obviously has self control issues and the make-up for an addictive personality. Hopefully when we tell all to the doc, it will get SS the right treatment.

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OMG, ditto. Pants pooping, pee the bed, lazy good for nothing, fire starting, pet torturing, porn watching, liar, cheat and thief. Sounds like my SS at 14!

When does it stop? At 14 they can choose where they want to live, I think they just comes into our lives and homes to torture us.

The only locked door here should be the front door, to not let him back in.

Sending you hugs in sympathy.

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So am I the only one that caught on to the rulers on the bed thing????? He is in his SM bedroom watching porn on her tablet but leaves 2 rulers on her bed???? He was totally measuring his junk. What a weirdo!!!! I am so not looking forward to my boys getting older.