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He's been spiteful

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Thank you for all of you who posted your concern for me. Actually he can kick me out, he has the right because we are not married, I was just the girlfriend. This is his house, not mine, not ours. He has been spiteful, everything that I put on the counter, end table, coffee table, hung on the wall were removed and replaced with his kids' pictures. He's making a statement that I don't belong here. I still don't know what to do. A moving truck costs over $1800 (not including gas) if I want to move back to the west, plus I have no one to drive the truck for me. The only thing I can do is to get rid of all my belongs and walk out with a suitcase which means all the things that have sentimental value to me will be gone forever.


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When I left my ex I lost so.many things. Pictures of my dead sister. Hand sewn quilts from dead aunts. A original pooh bear from when I was a baby. God, many many super sentimental things. It still hurts to think on.

But I FOUND me!!!!

I tell myself everyday there are floods, fire, quakes, and disasters that cost people every single physical special item they own. Everyday.

No one can take your memories. And they can't rob you of yourself unless you allow them to.

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He may not be able to throw he out, but he can make the time she's there a living hell. He doesn't want her in his home.

Staying just because she can, will just cause him to come up with new ways to hurt her. He could have everything in the house turned off (lights, gas, water ..). He could remove all of the beds and chairs out of the house. He could toss all of her stuff out of the house. He could bring
other women into the house. He could let his kids and their friends run wild in there.

The law can keep him from kicking her out(for a bit) but it can't keep him from being a total ass.

The best thing to do is to get out ASAP. Pack up and mail what you can. Hop on a bus, plane or train back to where you lived prior to meeting this man.