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Toxic Feral exhibiting signs of bi polar

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Our newest latest greatest trauma-drama is Toxic Troll has been telling DH that their child needs to have phychiatric help. Yes, she does, Toxic Troll, because she was raised by you, and has become JUST like YOU.
And what might be driving her over the edge, is that she is realizing this fact.

I dont care what happens to her anymore. I dont care what she needs. Its not my broken thing to fix.

Lets see, what are her symptoms? She tells strange, improbable stories of abuse (like her mother), she lashes out with a big temper blast, and calls mother names and then is sweet and nice (just like her mother!), she makes up ridiculous stories of her mother leaving her on 2 different birthdays (she actually DID THIS), and now is just being "weird". All right.

So, Toxic Troll, who loves going to the doctor and thinks that everything is cured with medications, 'just take a pill and it will go away', is going to try to get Toxic Feral Eldest on that medical train track of perpetual pills for life. I think she might benfit, but again, I do not care, it will not change her from being mean, rude, selfish, and filthy - there are no pills for that.

I spoke with DH's sister, who came over briefly. In response to me telling her that Feral wanted to move back in with us, she said "Toxic Feral is such a total miserable b!tch, its too bad munchkin has to deal with all that." And this from a woman who has known her since she was a baby. She is a really really nice lady too. She also had tried forging a relationship with Toxic Feral, only to get crapped on. She was my "go to" when there were accusations flying around.

So, DH left off last night with toxic troll telling him how much therapist sessions will cost with no insurance ($350). As soon as cost came up, he shut down with responding to her giving of information. Im like "good for you, you dont need to really interact. Its good for you to know, but you have zero financial responsibility now". PLus the fact that she got around $30,000 in cal pers cash out and supposedly $50k in workmans comp claim. She is currently car shopping for a new(er) 4 door bmw. Because her ex is a bmw tech, so she gets a deal on work done. Why the eff cant she look at Lexus or Honda!!!!!

My big concern is for Munchkin during spring break having to be around that all the time. Last week she quietly informed me that she doesnt really love her sister all that much. That she has been mean and  rude and selfish. I am sad for her, but somewhat relieved that she is calling "bs" on her sister's machinations for attention. Im certain there will be more to follow.


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She ghosted everyon, and then in November moved in with Toxic Troll. Toxic Troll lost her job Novemberish, but was still paying for insurance for herself and munchkin per the divorce agreement. DH wont put her on his insurance, and I dont think Troll will either.

Im out of it, but the texts I saw from Troll indicate that she doesnt qualify, perhaps because she makes too much money.

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Shes an "ugly on the inside" person, and I am not her parent.

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She is showing about 5 of these. However, she has supposedly been studying phychology, so she might be making things up, based on her studies. Munchkin said she quit school.

I am thinking during her "episodes" that she was high or drinking and sleep deprived. She self-medicates, with alcohol and pot.

Who knows. Thank you for response. Its helpful so that I have SOME idea of what I am dealing with potentially.

Now that Toxic Troll is not working, she can focus on her daughters illnesses.