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OT - Need your good thoughts, positive vibes

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ll make this short:

1. I went to an eye Dr yesterday to get a new perscription for my contacts and it was one of those places where the DR is remote, and none of the lenses really worked for me. Ive gotten perscriptions that were wrong. But I needed something fast and my regular Dr couldnt take me until 2 weeks from now.

The Dr said based on my eye picture that I might have retinal detachment. Im severely myopic, but never really thought about it. SO, I need to go to a regular opthamologist for another opinion and it might be nothing. But it might be something. So, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Im afraid, although the person at the Drs didnt seem worried, said "this happens a lot, and its usually nothing"..

2. Yesterday Husband had lower back pain. It has persisted this morning so he called in sick. He is thinking the symptoms are the same as the last time he had a kidney stone. Lower back pain that flared with movement. His first one made him fall down and almost pass out. When I got him to the ER he had already passed it, so we just went home. He has already had his appendix out, so we know its not that. So, please also keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

SD15 B/M is home and helping with dishes and getting him water and feeding the pets. I told her call me and I will leave work, but to check up on him and make certain he is drinking water.

Whew. Geting old sucks!


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I hope the eye thing turns out to be nothing serious, and hope your H feels better soon as well.

Glad B/M is helping at least...

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Yeah. Shes being a lot better. We had a nice chat last night. Im just trying to keep my distance and it seems to be working out as the best practice.

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I have 3 eye issues ranging from ho hum to serious, too boring to explain.  I've been pleasantly surprised about all the new, innovative treatments.  Go to the top notch eye doctor in your area, maybe at a teaching hospital.  You might be pleasantly surprised, too.  Good luck. Clove


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Just feeling low and fearful.

Its cutting into my weekend plans!!!! JK.

Thank you, good advice. 

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I'm thinking the most positive thoughts for you, CLove. I also wanted to mention that my dad had a detached retina and it is amazing what eye surgeons can do with their lasers.  And it's even better if they catch it early.   

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Whew! That gives me so much hope.

I need to get in there. Today Im just stewing and researching. Thank you!

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He had a brief operation and everything was back to normal.   I an also severely myopic l, 60 yrs old and just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Ouch on the kidney stones.  My daughter had those at the ripe old age of 35.

Hoping you get the correct medical treatment and are back in business again!

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Please call the Eye Doctor right away. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't recommend a specialist.  Retinal detachment it nothing to play with - about 10% of people lose their eyesight. It is my understanding that the longer a retina is detached the harder it is to repair. My mother had a retinal detachment & they were not able to fix it. She had surgery three different times and eventually lost sight in that eye. She also had one in the other eye. Fortunately, they were able to repair that eye. 

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Echoing simifan. Call now. Get an appointment.  Retina detachment is nothing to fool with. Myopic eyes are prone to detachment. If you have a lot of new floaters, a visit to ER may be in order. One or two may be normal, but a flood of new ones is not. That is what the retina specialist told me.  If you have any darkening in your peripheral vision, that is a definite ER visit. 

But, even if this is not ER worthy right now, you need to get this checked by an ophthalmologist. I am shocked that they did not give you a referral to a retina specialist. When I had sudden floaters (never had them before) and flashes of light, they gave me the name of a retina specialist, and sent the specialist the reasoning for the referral. I had to call for the appointment, and got it the next morning. 

Call. Get an appointment. If it's nothing, it's nothing. But, if it's something, it will be taken care of.