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Halle Berry - CS and SS are extortion!

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Halle might want to check a dictionary with regard to the word extortion, because I'm not seeing that it's the right word for this situation, but I have to agree with her that $16,000 a month is a LOT of CS.  At least she didn't get hit with the 17% of gross income (or income differential if you had 50/50) that you'd pay for a single child in my state.

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She'd be paying 66,500 a month if that were the case. I don't feel sorry for her. 

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Agreed she played some crazy BM games before Gabriel got primary custody so I don't feel bad fro her.

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My ex and I are equally our kids parents and should equally support him. Halle's ex making $200k a year seems like plenty to support a single child's expenses. 

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I believe he has the child the majority of the time. So Halle should pay nothing when she makes so much more?

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I'm not a judge so I don't get to say, but mostly I think it's gross when people use children this way. At those levels of income it's not about adequately supporting a child financially. 

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I understand what you're saying about both being responsible. But I know that for me, if I suddenly went down to making $200k a year, my daughter's standard of living at my house would be below what she would experience at her dad's. I'm not sure that's it's fair to suddenly change the way a child lived half the time just because their parents split up. Yes, I could technically support her and we would be fine, but it would be very different. I can't imagine what the difference would be with an income disparity like there is between Halle Berry and someone making $200k a year. 

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So maybe it's because I don't know how to fathom those amounts, but I can't picture what lifestyle a child would need that requires $16k a month. There are surely private schools in LA where that's the tuition per month or something, but I really can't wrap my head around what a child needs $16k a month for (though I clearly don't live in LA and have no idea what rent is there and maybe that's perfectly normal).

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I've read somewhere in the past that Halle pays the child's tuition, and the CS is on top of that.  But I also thought they had pretty equal physical custody, so that might be outdated info (not to mention that I'm reading about this in gossip rags, not reputable sources, lol!)

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Exactly. She's paying 200K to him a year, essentially doubling his salary, while she still has 4.5 million to live on. Why should he pay a larger percent of his salary to support their child, while he has primary custody, and she's left with millions?

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Why is he entitled to her millions? They weren't married. It's not spousal support. And there's no child's lifestyle that needs $16k a month. Maybe he should work on being more successful and less of a leech.

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So the child should be filthy rich at her mother’s and much less so at her father’s? Maybe Halle should stop whining about having to support the child she lost custody of. God forbid she part with 4% of her income for her kid. Why should he bear the brunt of paying for everything for the kid?

He’s not getting her millions. 

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So your comments feel really angry and intense and it feels like they just be more about your own situation.

Should it be all one person's Job to provide? No. But also breeding with someone shouldn't be an argument for wealth redistribution. He genuinely does not need $16k a month for the time He spends with his own child. He dumped a load in a talented person. That doesn't entitle him to millions.

You don't know these people but your anger over their personal finances is really strong. Like somehow this is an Internet battlE with a stranger with a different opinion you're hell bent on arguing with. And I don't know that continuing to engage is productive.

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*eye roll*. I'm the only one engaging. Right. 

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I think it's good a BM pays CS and has empathy for men who get screwed by the system...but cry me a river on her salary. 

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Just think if Miss whiny Pants Halle was living in NY, CS until 21.

My DAH had to pay almost 40% of his income for CS, before we got custody of Leech. BioWhore only paid 6% of her income to us for CS, if and when she paid. As DAH use to say, we don't know if BioWhore was given BJobs to the judge to get off so lightly.

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My DH currently pays 25% of his income to BM who maintains 85% custody because she won't give DH anymore time due to the ole mighty dollar. We have been in and out of court for years to get 6 weeks per year long distance. Oh and BM makes double what my husband does and is with her partner who makes north of $150k a year. 

DH did the math and after CS and taxes, he has $20,000 to live on annually. If it weren't for my contributions to our life, he would be screwed. 

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My judge here would've imputed income on her as if she was still the tip top a lister and had her pay CS on that. lol. She got off easy!

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I love that Halle spoke out. It brings attention to the crazy that goes on every day in Family Court, and IMO the more exposure, the better.

She's basically complaining about being exploited financially, in the same manner as millions of American dads. Her ex is using their child as a golden ticket to an easy life, which should never be okay.