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Disengagement - Spreading the Good Word - update on Winona SD17 (Shoplifter)

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She has no remorse. She tells her father, that she "didn't do anything". Right. she never does anything. Then tells her mother that she "did it for adrenalin." . Never mind that she was caught on security camera taking the make up and it somehow ended up in her purse. They couldn't quite nail her completely because she said she was "going to pay for it", had money in her wallet and hadn't yet left the store. So now, what about the repercussions? Its been 12 days (lets not forget this happened NEW YEARS DAY, after she and I had had a little "thing".)

Has the little brat been punished???
Well, yes and no. She hasn't been grounded per se, just no more trips to the store. She has had the door taken off her room at our home, so SO can see if she is cleaning, or has/not cleaned. She has argued and lied, but not really suffered repercussions such as no be fair, there's not much you can take away from her - she has no job, no car, no what do you take away? My solution would be to work her butt, require her to do volunteer work (much like community service), SOMETHING...

I printed and saved the Disengagement Manifesto, and in light of recent events - when last Friday SD17 went ballistic on BM's boyfriend and began punching him - & have been teaching this guy about Disengagement. He wants to read it, and I have been giving him examples of how I have disengaged. He is an optimist - he thinks it will get "better". I agree - temporarily it always gets "better", then reverts back to something worse. So there you are.

I don't think that it will get any better with SD17 Winona, honestly, she doesn't WANT to be any different, she thinks what she does(stealing/lying) is ok, and cool. She thinks its fun. Maybe one day she will wake up, stop playing the victim, and actually learn how to be respectful. BEFORE she goes to jail. However that is NOT my problem!

Disengagement feels so good!!!!! Free at last, free at last, almighty God, free at last.


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She not only had a screaming fit she PUNCHED BMs boyfriend. Her dad, just said "you need to stay out of trouble!" Her mother just said "I cant believe anything you say anymore".

Im just not going to say anything. Shes such a snotty little entitled brat, its not worth the fight anymore.

But those are good words of wisdom. If it comes up, and she forces the topic, I might just say that.
However, she's not 18 - so daddy pays the fines. 5 times the value of what she took. She has no job = so he has to suffer the affects. Right now.

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have you though about disconnecting the internet yet?

After Aergia's little stunt, I changed the password and now I'm saying, I did report it and they will come by having a look what's wrong with internet... now this is awesome living in Africa.... it's takes them about 3 months to actually do fix your internet if there's problems Wink Wink Aergia know this.... after 3 months I will simply phone and tell them to reset the modem cause I have problems, it will go back to the original password and Aergia will be online again

SO never bothers to check if I speak the truth or not....dealing with the provider is like pulling teeth without Novocaine

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LOL. That's too funny!!!!!
We use internet for everything over here. We have 2 living rooms, each with television, and SO has man cave and they all use the internet. So cutting her off as punishment would essentially punish everyone. Since I disengaged, its not my problem HOW she is punished right? I would do something like have her volunteer weekends or after school, or something that resembles WORK, rather than cut her off. But who knows.

Sounds complicated over there in Africa.
California everyone is locked in electronically, very matrix-like.

Thanks for the suggestion.