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Curtain Call on Chronic Stage

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It was a wonderfully short sweet Thanksgiving with my parents in attendance along with BFF. SD16 SMPS was sick after her Friendsgiving last Monday, so in the interest of not getting my parents sick, she stayed with BM Toxic Troll.

It was a marathon of cooking, and as it was my first wholly me cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, of course I started the morning of with zero preparation other than the purchase of too many ingredients. All in all it went superbly, with everything ready on time and the comments I got were "even the white meat is moist". And from DH who doesnt normally like sweet potatoes, "the sweet potatoes were so good!" The menu was basic - dry brined turkey with silky mashed potatoes and giblet gravy, cranberry chutney with orange juice and spices, a sweet potato casserole with pecan crumble and the standard green bean casserol with fresh beans.

Skiddo arrived later that evening (at 4 o dark time) and I made her a plate. She had tested negative, so I was confident she wasnt sick. She seemed happy and chatty and smiley, so all around the mood of the day was a good one.

That was Thursday. Friday was a relaxing enough day until the mail came. Husband received a letter from SD's high school principal requesting a meeting This coming Wendesday. At 7:30 am. Im thinking "FINALLY something that he has to actually do. Finally someone is asking for explanations, and giving consequences." I suggested he not tell her until Im off on my walks and hes away fishing, because once the cats out of the bag, she will definitely go into Power-Sulk mode.

Yesterday (Saturday) all is well in the world and everyone is as we go to Husbands nephews baby gender reveal party in the park. Nearly froze our noses off. Skid had a nice time talking with her cousins, and hanging out.

SO, I figured as we entered the house, time to 'rip the bandaid off', and just mentioned, "so about that letter..." and then walked away while they "discussed it". I wasnt going to be part of that no how no way. Husband gave her the letter to read, mentioned that she will not be in her same school becuase they will possibly revoke her interdistrict transfer, and that means she will lose access to her friends...and then he trailed off, figuring she can read the rest herself. And of course she went silent and stalked off to her room. I doubt we will see her today (Sunday) except when shes hungry.

She will be staying through the week with us to make up time and attend the early am meeting. I intend to be very busy at the gymn. Keeping my nose out of it. Being very much about taking care of my own business.

No more "phone calls" that go no where...

They will have their Curtain Call with the principal...


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Let your DH handle it. And when he vents to you, remember....generic responses. No questions.  Zero input as you know it will eventually be used against you anyway. It's a process but it does get easier. Example: DH's youngest, now 30, is in financial trouble yet again. Before, even though I'd stay out of it, I'd have my own turmoil to deal with. You know, the turmoil GOOD people have. Concern about SKs, worried, etc. Not any more. If she sleeps under a bridge tonight, that's on her. Nothing of my doing put her there and I'm no longer "throwing my pearls to the swine." 

Great job on disengaging, CLove!!

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Everyone being happy and jovial. And Im light and easy breezy.

Should have done this so so long ago!

AND I havent asked about SD23 Feral Forger AT ALL...