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COVID Quarantine

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DH facetimes with SS every Sunday and Thursday. This afternoon, DH texted BM to schedule a time to talk to SS after basketball practice, which began this week. DH asked BM "What time will SS be available AFTER PRACTICE to talk?" BM replied "Does 7:30 p.m. work?" to which DH replied "Yes." 

So DH talks to SS at 7:30 tonight. DH asks SS how practice went and SS informed DH that he didn't go to practice. DH looked at SS confused and SS looked at DH like he was an idiot. Come to find out, SS is being quarantined due to a COVID exposure, so he missed both school and basketball today, and BM never said a word. DH was irritated that when he messaged BM early today about talking to SS AFTER PRACTICE tonight, she acted like everything was normal and never mentioned that SS wasn't going to practice. 

DH emailed BM requesting details about SS' exposure and quarantine duration, since obviously it will impact school and sports. This is SS' second quarantine in a month. The last one caused him to miss 4 days of school and football. I wonder if GF is taking time off work to stay home with SS during his quarantine, since that's what GF did last time SS was quarantined because BM can't be bothered to actually parent SS. DH is just irritated that BM never informed him. 

UPDATE: BM emailed DH back saying "Yep, SS was playing outside with a friend who later tested positive." BM then said they are following the school's quarantine guidelines and then proceeded to list out said guidelines like DH is an idiot. DH knows what the guidelines are, he was just trying to determine when SS was exposed to determine a timeline, but of course, BM can't be direct with any communication. Oh well. 


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Well, she's not going to offer any information that makes her look like a less than perfect parent - best to wait and see if SS spills the beans first.  Apparently "don't tell your father, he will take me to court over it," isn't working or hasn't started yet.

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I am sure SS won't be telling you anything else after this. I can hear BM now- "You told your dad and now I have to deal with him yelling at me!" 

Sorry your BM can't just be a decent human and tell the child's father that he was exposed. It isn't a "huge" deal but still something both parents should be aware of!

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DH wasn't as worried about the COVID exposure, since SS has been quarantined multiple times without contracting the virus. He was more worried about SS missing school and it impacting his education, since he missed 4 days last month due to another quarantine. If SS is missing school, both parents should be informed. 

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Can he get notified by the school? DH got robo-calls about every class SS skipped long after SS was totally alienated.