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BM sends DH pics of her other children

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I found out recently that BM sends my DH emails with pics of her other children.

The pics go like this:
picture of ss4,
picture of ss4 and his 2 brothers,
solo picture of his brother (times 3).

Granted some of these pics contain their son in common, but instead of JUST being their child the pics contain her other 2 children and headshots of just her other son (no relation to DH).

When I saw this I thought, "How strange." Why on earth is she sending him pics of her other kids? I kind of feel sorry for her, because I think that she is desperate to share these pics with a 'man' to make her feel like some kind of family. You see, she is 25yrs and has 3 children with 3 different fathers. Her last baby daddy runs around on her and last I heard they aren't together anymore. I really think she's trying to connect to my DH because he's a genuinely nice man who treats me and our family like gold and she wishes she had that with him. Or maybe she is just trying to be friendly and share pics of ss4 and his brothers...innocently. I give her credit because at least she has sense enough not to send pics with her in them. I dunno, just thought it was odd.


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Yeah, that is a tad bit weird. I think you are right. She is most likely feeling lonely and in need of someone to share bit of her life. Does she have any friends? Or maybe family? I think that route would be more appropriate for the pictures excluding his son. Maybe if it continues your DH could "gently" remind her that he isn't her friend.

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DH reacts by ignoring them. He's very non-confrontational and figures even though she emails them to him that he doesn't have to look at them, so he doesn't. He's never said anything to her about it.