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BM>>>>>Check the damn mail box.....

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Dear BM.....
When it comes to the CS payment, you're there, when you are looking for your half of the therapy check, you're there. So why is it that when we want to send something to our darling SD13, to arrive prior to Xmas, (and see that it has been confirmed as delivered to your address on Dec 24, (5 days ago)) as of this morning YOU still claim to have not received it.....

Then when prompted by DH.... later this morning.... SD13 treks thru the snow to the mail kiosk (which you pass by daily on your way in from the parking garage), she finds our package sitting there, along with 5 days of old and lonely forgotten pieces of mail? Moron!

Yours Truly,


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True...I agree it's mostly junk and bills, but she knew we were sending something...and we asked her directly...."Has it arrived?". She didn't even check before telling us it hadn't. Makes me wonder if it's intentional.

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The kid is old enough to be told that something is on the way for her. This will take all of the power away from BM. The kid will surely haunt her soul until she gets what you sent.