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everyone has a damn opinion

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So SO, SS8, and I have been doing great since early/mid April. I officially moved in last week.

BM has gone back to rock she crawled out from and didn't call on Mother's day, hasn't called, SS8 hasn't asked about her or asked to call her. HAAAAAAAAA Good bye worthless BM!

We celebrated mother's day with my mom (crazy borderline) and my sister-in-law, niece and brother. That all went well. SS and I had made a tye dye cake for them for their May birthdays. We've been attending family events AS A FAMILY.

Then there's the shitty ass friends of SO or rather the shitty wife of his friend and whoever she spreads incorrect information and gossip to.

I'm so sick of them. I cried the other night b/c I thought "maybe they know something I dont', maybe SO really doesn't love me and they know, maybe he's not over BM" and you know what ?? ALL of those things are completely WRONG. His friends suck. I wish they didn't but they do. Not all of them but the nice ones we don't see as much. We talked about the shitty one wife of friend and he decided we don't have to see her and her family unless there are going to be more people around other than just them. He said that I shouldn't have to be exposed to her or have anymore time with her than the other spouses. She's tolerable in a large group mostly b/c she can be avoided. I've gotta stop letting them get to me.

There was a group camping trip that we didn't go on b/c we already had plans for that weekend, plans that were made in March for a weekend in May. Needless to say by that time we had also made plans for SS. SS had also been deciding recently he didn't want to go hang out with these people and he had a choice of other activities, every time lately he chooses other activities. HA of course the friends don't know this yet, I'm sure they think that I've taken "the boys" away from the group. We went to a large outdoor concert for kids the night before the camping trip and you'd think that I was torturing the kid by the reactions of the friends of SO, "ohhhhhhhhhhh ONE day will spend time with you SS, someday soon day" OH JEEZ really??? Dramatic as hell while giving me the evil eye. First of all SS doesn't give a shit, second you are really being inappropriate with a child. WTF. SS had a great weekend so did we. We've been having fun as a 3 person group and bonding that way instead of having every nosey busy body in our business and spreading rumors b/c they don't have anything better to do.

VENT done. Happy Friday