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Dream Come True...

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"I've only dreamed about something like this before." My 'step-daughter" and I sat in the office of our home amongst piles of scrapbooking supplies including stickers, embellishments, constructions paper, ribbons galore, and several different scissor styles. She sat on the futon in complete awe while we sorted out all of the different scrapbooking supplies I have stored in perfectly suited treasure chest. I'm a secret scrapbooker (obviously no longer a secret) and my "SD" wanted to make her best friend a scrapbook for her which will include photos since they've known each other for 6 years. "It'll be a timeline of our friendship" she says when I ask her what she has in mind. Although BM has all the photos, who said the Best Evil SM couldn't help her "SD" design the cover of her scrapbook and make a girl's dream come true.

I may not go to soccer games or back-to-school night, but I do find other ways to bond. Can a girl get credit for that?

- Best Evil SM


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Yay! How awesome! Biggrin

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As a scrapbooker myself, this was always a way for me to get the skids involved in the things I do, and for them to learn about me.

If SD enjoys this with you, take her to some mom- daughter scrapbook workshops at local stores, or maybe even your library. Buy her a disposable camera and then play dress up together. Take pics and run to the one hour photo booth. Get two sets of prints and each scrapbook. Then swap what you each created.

Bonus: you have something special you made for her, she takes it back and shows BM and then BM is green with envy! LOL

"Develop" this together. It can become a lifelong hobby you two can share. My SD and I have been scrapping together since she was 6. She just turned 18, and has many beautiful albums. I was so honored this year when she asked me to be the photographer for her senior portraits!

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