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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Good morning, STalkers! My apologies for being absent and not responding to all of the messages and emails (NOT sick - knock on wood), but getting everything set up for WFH has been a challenge.

And I LOATHE it! Home is our sanctuary and it has been invaded by Work - the thing I do my darndest to leave at the office. And since we never expected this, we have no office. I've been standing in the kitchen, sitting on my recliner, standing in the laundry room, sitting on the floor... I even took the damn laptop into the bathroom and sat on the edge of the tub so I could look out of the window. Gads.

Since I'm feeling hemmed in, I need to remember the things for which I am thankful...

  • We are not sick. Hoping to stay that way.
  • None of our family members have been infected.
  • We are still working so still able to earn money and not take vacation time or lose pay.
  • Our pantry, freezer, and fridge are well stocked. I can still buy fresh produce, meat, and dairy. Thank goodness because powdered milk is CACA!
  • IMO, limiting physical contact has opened up lines of communication a bit. I've spent considerably more time typing lengthy emails and actually  talking on the phone (not a fan of texting). 


I want to add a little humor...

We put a sign on the door... Like a good neighbor, Stay over there!

Grocery shopping has become an episode of Chopped. What can I make with a bruised apple, can of deviled ham, breadcrumbs, chicken feet, and maple syrup?

I used to spin that toilet paper roll like I was on Wheel of Fortune... Now I turn it like I'm cracking a safe!


Stay safe, STalk family. <3



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I am glad to hear you are well Aniki!   We are too, which I am thankful for, although my DD35 believes she has had COVID19.  THere is no testing for it in the general population - only hospital patients -- and royalty, tsk!  She attempted to self isolate from her DH and 4 yr old daughter - hard in the same house - she thinks she caught the infection from her daughter in fact.   She had the classic symptoms, although nausea and gastro-intestinal upset were more prevalent intially than she would have expected.  But she is well on the mend now, and out of isolation within the home, at least. Her DH and daughter had to self isolate for another 7 days (total 14) after my daughter to be sure they were not incubating the illness. 

We had panic buying in the UK for several weeks and it was awful - nothing on the shelves and people stockpiling.  However now we are on a nationwide lockdown and staff are on duty outside all supermarkets, letting people in singly in a "one out, one in" pattern.  It's much improved and the prior shortages seem to have ended.  SDs managed to get toilet paper and even hand gel this morning!    Apart from going to work (those few who are that is) or food shopping, we are only allowed out once a day for exercise.  All shops are closed apart from things like food shops and chemists.  

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Kes, glad to hear your daughter is on the mend and hope her DH and little one stay healthy. 

Sounds like things are looking a tad better in your area and hope that continues. *give_rose*

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Oh Aniki I had a good laugh over your post. You always have such a positive way of looking at things,

I am thankful that my body is finally healing from this awful cold/flu I have had for the last three weeks. I still have this horrible cough, but every day I have a bit more energy and I am finally able to smell again so I'm starting to eat which I know helps even more. I don't know if I had/have Covid since they won't test me here in our town, but if this is what it is, I can tell you it's no joke.

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Oh I know I'm a tad bit bitter.  I contacted our towns triage center and my symptoms fit the damn illness to a T, except I'm not over 65, never had a fever and I don't have a prexisting condition so they refused to test.  Our town isn't testing anybody unless you follow the CDC requirements exactly.   I got sick shortly after my DH returned from travel where he developed a bad cough and lung congestion.  I got a sore throat and a horrid cough that progressed into really bad congestion, but since our town is choosing ignorance and arrogance, nobody is getting tested. 

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In the south of UK - on the coast. Idiots are still congregating on the sea front - I expect they'll do that until the fines start. I'm almost two weeks into WFH and loosing track of the days!!  

on the bright side - our household and family are all safe and well. Let's hope this thing gets beaten soon. Boris is promising tests by the millions - ones that can detect prior infection - think that will be the game changer. 

Stay safe everyone. 

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I'm thankful that I am able to work from my pajamas!! Smile

My employer has over 6000 staff, but there have been 4 cases of the virus and many people are on quarantine at home. My job is exempted by the government from shutdown and I even have a letter that states my job is essential should my state go on lockdown.

I can do about 75% of my job from home, but part of it requires me to be on campus. I will go in on Saturday, off hours, to do some work. I've had to email my colleagues to reserve access to a room that is too small for social distancing. I have to go in on Monday for about an hour and I've let the people seeing know that I take medication that suppresses my immune system so we need to meet in an area with as few people as possible and enough room for us to be spaces apart. Sadly, this visit to work means I won't be able to see the BF next week since he's taking his 90 year old mom to the dr. on Thursday. Oh well.

Right now, I'm thankful for having a good job and I need to make sure I'm showing up and being a team player so that if we have to go through layoffs, I won't be the first one on the chopping block. LOL

BF got tipsy last Friday night and thought the world was going to end, but wanted to reassure me that, when it did, DS24 and I could just move in with him. Um, no. The last scenario I will allow to occur is me losing my house. Smile Hell to the no. It was a kind offer, but doesn't really fit my plans for the future.

Anyway, I'm thankful for my health (knock on wood) and a good job.

I'm also thankful that I accidentally hoarded toilet paper. I was searching high and low online. I was on the Costco website and it said all TP was out of stock. Then while I was looking at something else, Cottonelle popped up as available, so I clicked on 3 packs and had DS24 running around to find my wallet. I ordered it in a flash and only looked at the price once the order was placed. It was $96 and I thought "OMG, they are price gouging this stuff???!!!" That's when I realized I bought 3 36 ROLL packages or 96 rolls of TP. Holy shit! It showed up last night and I've reached out to some of my close friends to see if they need some. I've got some really awesome friends who have gone to great lengths for me, so I'm happy to share with them or someone they know of who is in need.

We're good on groceries, so life is good.

((Hugs)) to y'all.

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I suppose I should be grateful that there hasn't been panic buying of toilet paper here :)  The first empty shelves were those carrying pasta and rice. 

I am grateful for the lack of infection around us and sincerely hope it will continue. I am also intensely grateful for having a garden and fairly clement weather to sit out in. I usually complain about all the weeding needing doing but now I do it (almost - let's not get carried away here!) with pleasure.

I'm also grateful for having a farmer's shops in the vicinity - straight from supplier to consumer. If youi're having a tough time getting fresh fruit and veg, see if you can't go and buy it directly at the farm (ditto for milk and cheese). A lot of produce is going to waste because the farmers can't get the transport they need to get it to the shops! 

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Hope that lack holds for you!

Have you ever tried making pasta? I hear it's fairly easy...

I wanted Cheezits. Plain old original Cheezits. Every other flavor was available but not original. DH stopped at the pharmacy and saw a small box on the shelf. He snatched it up and a woman asked if he would let her have them. Thankfully, he said NO!

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We're a gluten-free household (one of my daughters has celiac disease) so normal pasta making would be out. Making gluten-free pasta is nearly impossible because it's the gluten that holds the stuff together. However, we have made gnocchi that were 100% potato. Hmm, thank you for making me think of that. 

Can't say I'm craving anthing yet other that fresh coriander but I have a large jar of seeds in the kitchen so I'll just grow my own. Yes ladies, the coriander seeds from the grocery store can be planted and they're a sight less expensive than the ones you buy in tiny packets from garden centres!

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I've used Zoodles in place of regular pasta.  

What about noodles made from just egg and cheese? It's a keto recipe.

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I'm in the UK as well, Southeast end.  Since they've started controlling the grocery stores, there is more stock available.  I went this morning while DH stayed in the car.  It's really weird in there, I hugged the shelves and tried staying away from everyone.  Still no hand soap or rice but everything else was pretty well stocked.

We have food and will keep our jobs.  I'm thankful for that but also scared as neither of us can work from home.  Still, we are luckier than most.  Also, having everyone on lockdown must've pleased the UK weather gods as it's been uncharacteristically sunny!

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Cooooookies, it baffles me how people keep their distance....with the exception of the grocery store. WTH?!

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Right?!?!  Everyone stayed at least 6 feet away from each other while lined up and waiting to go in.  Once let in though people weren't as careful.  Still, I stayed away and went to other aisles if there were too many people around.  It's these idiots that will make the lockdown last longer and the reason I won't let my DH go in.

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I'm thankful for a workplace that was early on ready for remote work and allowed us to really get set up.  And this will show them that we can work from remote location more than 2x per month and things won't fall apart.  And that everyone I know is still healthy.

I'm thankful for video conferencing for the first time ever.  And that people are using it to visit with friends and "happy hour" with co-workers. Totally fun!

I'm thankful I can "sleep in" an hour more each day than when I was commuting and that I got back into jogging.  Although my hamstring does not think this is good - more stretching and a 'rest day' for ms. hamstring.

I'm super, super thankful that my kitty-girl made it through a big surgery yesterday.  She had a lump the size of a golf-ball that had to be removed, it was a cyst, but they've sent it in for evaluation as the growth rate was concerning.  She's got a row of staples under her little front arm and is wearing a sweater.  The drugs must be good because she's pretty stoned, but doing ok. 

I'm thankful for DH for being patient with my kitty worries and listening to me when I get annoyed with YSD and him.  The house is slowly gettng messier because I'm kinda done picking up my things.  Why should I clean up my things if they don't clean up theirs?


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Cover, video happy hour sounds like a hoot! Be careful if you're not wearing

I hope all is well with your kitty. My darling Mr. P had a big lump, but it was tested/diagnosed as a fatty tumor so no surgery was required (growth had stopped).

You go, girl! My DH just washed the dishes and is now getting ready for work. So I'm going to make him some pumpkin bread pudding as a treat. 

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Just checked in here. Gimlet I think this could count as hand washing too. A 2fer. Pumpkin bread pudding. OMG Heaven on earth.

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No, no, I want the dish straight from your masterful hands.  I am not close to being the baker you are! 

Will work for bread pudding!

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Yes! I may have to make another one on Sunday to use up the milk before it turns.

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I am watching the daily White House briefing.  Thankful that no one can hear me yelling back at the insanity I am hearing and that I have been able to restrain myself from throwing anything directly at the television screen.

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I have to force myself to "look away". At this rate, I'll be out of anxiety meds by middle of next week!

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Cover, I'm depending on DH to watch and relay what I need to know. He can watch for HOURS and remain levelheaded.