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Flowers from a skid!

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With the pandemic, DH and I did not have anyone over for Christmas and sent/dropped off gifts for the skids/grandskids. SS21 did not know until just before Christmas that he (and his fiancee) would not be able to come home, so I did not get their small box of gifts mailed until January 2nd. It was not as much as I usually give (finances are a bit tight right now), but did include the little tradition we do every year.  

I just received an absolutely bee-yoo-ti-full and YUGE bouquet of flowers from SS21 and fiancee, thanking me for the gifts and saying how thoughtful and sweet I am. I'll be a monkey's uncle (stepmom?)!

Color me shocked!!!



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This made my day.

Enjoy your flowers, you deserve every last petal.

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Mine, too! It's been a crap one up until this moment. 

Thank you, Gimmy! They are gorgeous! Purple dutch iris, white lilies, small purple flowers that look a bit like snapdragons, spiky white mums, baby's breath, and a couple kinds of greenery. *biggrin*

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Aside from DH giving me flowers on VD, I've received flowers maybe a dozen times in my life. I'm a little choked up!

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If I remember correctly, this young man joined the military.

'if so, he is learning about real life and becoming a good young man :) Whatever it is...I hope he keeps it up. Well done young man!

Enjoy Aniki!

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You DO remember correctly, SteppedOff!

I urged DH to encourage SS to join up. He was so shy, he rarely spoke to anyone outside of family. And when he did, he was barely audible. He has now outgoing and charming and willingly talks to anyone. Several times, DH has said the words every wife loves to hear, "You were right!"

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As much negative as we have to deal with here, it just does my heart so good to see a happy story! Congrats!