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BioHo now has physical proof that PrincASS is her fave...

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Or, as I like to call it, "How To Make Your Other Children Feel Like Secondhand Sh!t"

HOW, you ask? By getting a tattoo. A BIG tattoo. AAAAAALL.Across.Her.Fat-rolled.Back. Shoulder-to-shoulder, baby! It says, "My Son Is My Hero" and has the date that PrincASS ENTERED boot camp. Apparently, she got it right after he left for boot camp. What would she have done if he'd done as she hoped and FAILED? Because this is the beeyotch who told PA it was OKAY to fail boot camp (because the narcissist couldn't STAND one of her minions being beyond her control!).

And the $1,000,000 question... just how SH!TTY does it make her other kids feel? Especially her other son? Everyone always knew that PrincASS was 'Ho's favorite. Nothing like confirming that with a biga$$ tattoo!!

What kind of mother does this???


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'Ho LUUUUUUUUUUUUVVVVS to wear skimpy, spaghetti-strap tops in the Summer. She'll be parading that tat all over the place!

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First of all I want to THANK YOU for your blog yesterday about your worst date. Brilliant, funny and all just hilarious. That made my day. On to your BM. Lets face it this is not about the other kids and only about her selfish need. All about the attention she will get when people see this tattoo. (Hopefully it hurt like hell when she got it). Princass is not a real person to her but only a part of her. She can't let this kid go. She needs this tattoo to help her own ego. That is all that this is HER EGO! She really never gave the other kids in her life a second thought. Her thoughts and only her thoughts are the ones that matter.

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Aw, you're welcome, hon. Laughter is an excellent way to reduce stress and lift your spirits. While we definitely come here to vent and get advice, it is (IMHO) a good balance to lighten the mood or focus on some other topics (workouts, recipes, etc).

As for 'Ho's tat... I'm willing to bet money that it did NOT hurt that much because of all the fat. Her back is not bony at all - fat rolls from her triple chin down to her knees (and likes to wear short-shorts ~gag~).

I think you're right - she did it for the attention. It's true that PA is her fave, but 'Ho is all about 'Ho. She's all freaked out about PA being hundreds of miles away and out of her reach. He!!, she had a hissy fit when SD24 moved 35 minutes away - too far!! And while 'Ho still has "currency" for her other children, she has NONE for PA. Not one bloody thing. Things important to PA are at OUR house. One reason PA joined the Army is because he hated living in the 'Ho House and couldn't wait to escape. PA asked DH a year ago if he could move in with us, but there was NO way 'Ho was going to let him go.

IMHO, every one of 'Ho's kids needs to move HOURS away from her. Crikey, 'Ho might have a nervous breakdown if she can't control any of them!

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Yup.....a horrible thing to do!!!!!

SD’s know th SDs name as her license plate. Gma has two other granddaughters that live near her! Her son was not to happy happy with that.

Plus she did it so BM would see it....passive aggressive sh&t they like to do to each other as BM and gma are still not talking.

Dysfunctional love. :sick:

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Are you saying that SD's grandparent has a vanity plate on her car that is your step daughters name? :? :? :?

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Yes....she has three granddaughters...but only one got the holy grail.

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At first I thought I read this wrong. Granny needs to find a hobby beside vanity plate SD. You see plates that say mamma, doctor, teacher, "B" number 1 but your grand daughters name, really. And she has other grand kids. WEIRD! Maybe Aniki's BM could turn her on to a nice tattoo.

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She also did it to piss off BM. BM has a tattoo of SD on her body, her name big on her upper arm, (her only child) so gma had to compete with her daughter.....yup.....lovely family :sick:

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Aniki there are no words except a question.

Did her son get a Tat that reads 'my mom is my hero?"

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there is so much sibling rivalry between all my skids. they play one off of the others. dh sits there grinning like an idiot clueless to it all. he thinks they all love each other so much.

at a holiday dinner we got to see first hand one of the sds bad mouth one of the other sisters. dh just had this stupid grin on his face.

when one sd entered boot camp dh was beaming with pride. he actually attended the graduation clear across the country just for the occasion. dh displayed a photo of sd in her uniform in the hallway. imagine my amusement when she was kicked out of the military with no benefits. we still dont know the story. is suspect misconduct and fraternisation. sd never could keep her panties on for long.

yup the blind date threat was hilarious!

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Aniki, what do you expect from a woman that pimps out her 14 year old with an older MAN and provides the lodging for the screwing?

I believe that she has no problem with her daughters having sex but does with her sons because she thinks she has to be the son’s main female squeeze even if that’s sexual in nature as well.

She’s a disgusting POS as a woman, mom and human.

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But robin, SDthen14 picked that man all by herself!! Does make you wonder where she was to actually meet a 24yo...

I doubt BioHo has any problems with PigPen doing the deed. Only her golden child, PrincASS.

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Wow, classy! I bet the BM here has one of YSS all over her body, and he'll get one of her on his when he's older. So gross.

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What a revolting lardass piece of gutter trash. Disgusting.

I hate the whore and I’ve never had the misfortune of meeting her. :sick: