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Anyone following this story of the missing SD?

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Oh my goodness yes I have been following it.

I think both are involved. Makes me sooo so soooo sick. This little girl is precious.

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She is absolutely beautiful. When I read about her having surgery due to internal bleeding of the brain, I couldn't help but wonder is that poor little angel has been abused. Heartwrenching.

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What a big fat liar.    Blaming 2 Hispanics?   There are so many holes in the story.....

And how did she get the prior head injury?   Fist to the side of the head?    That guy is a loser.

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I read that the SF's story is inconsistent and believe he's in on her disappearance, if not completely responsible.

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Yes, I've been following this beautiful little girl and I pray that she is found safe. My heart breaks that anyone could have hurt this sweet child....prayers that love & light lead her safely home.

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Siempre, when I saw her picture... she is such a beautiful child. I will never understand what kind of monsters can hurt children, elderly, and animals.