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Asking you, yes you!

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Asking you, how are you doing? Not how the state of your household is, just a simple: how are you? 


(because I actually want to know)


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I am a complete mess but thanks to you asking, you reminded me that I need to call my Dr. for a perscription refill! LOL

How are you? 

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It's a Monday, it feels like a Monday. I'm good. Gearing up to give the dog a bath. 4lbs of tiny dog can act like a championship wrestling match contestant when it's b-a-t-h time.. 


I'm glad you're calling your Dr. 

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Pretty good! DS turned One over Easter Break. Family came to town from both sides. Chaotic, but fun. DS and I did some fun things: strawberry patch, park, egg hunt, farm, etc. and got some good quality time in! 

Overheard DH tell a family member that we would be looking to move when we're older... but after SD12 graduated. DH and I have discussed it some... but glad he can envision our life after SD turns 18. This would not have been something he said in the past! Made me realize he has made a TON of progress with her "mini-wife" syndrome. Which makes me happy Smile

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Awww he's 1. What a great age. I miss those little guy days. I'm glad your Dh is moving forward, it makes such a difference when you're both looking in the same direction. 

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I had a nice Easter with my deceased husbands family. I hadn't seen them in over a year. It was nice seeing them but made me think of how wonderful my life with him was and how much I miss him. I am also waiting to see if I will get more test results or have to have more blood drawn to see what/if I have an autoimmune disease. Oh and my dad (who just passed a little over a month ago) I have his cat and have to take it to the vet tonight because I think it has a UTI. And one more thing it is financial week again at work and I am extremely exhausted from it all. Are you sorry you asked. Lol. 

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Nope, not sorry at all. Sick kitties are no fun but if it's a UTI they should be able to get his fixed up soon. When can you get your other cblood work done, or is it a hurry up and wait kind of thing. 


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I'm ready to reach through my computer screen and throatpunch Brown Noser. You asked! Lol

Hope you're having a better morning than I am. *give_rose*

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An absolute mess, but still kicking. How are you?

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you've got a lot on your plate but your posts show that you're a strong lady. take a few minutes just for you. 

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Thank you for asking!

I am good.  Stressed out at work, but I have an upcoming vacation for my birthday/anniversary week and DH booked us a room in one of the casinos (we do not gamble) and will just walk the boardwalk and sit on the beach with cocktails.

How are you? 

Give rose


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To scrape and wash the hardwoods off of the upstairs rental prepping for primer and floor paint.  Before that, I started seed indoors for the garden, and felled some junk trees that were blocking sun from my mini orchard.

Back at work, I understand Mrs. Headlights was sucking up to Dr. Phil, my old boss,  by putting fake cobwebs on his desk since he has been out on vacation for almost a month!  (Rolling eyes)

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I think we ran into Mrs Headlight's cousin the other day. or to quote the Mr "her turkeys are done" 


I'm ready to start my seeds but I think we might get a tiny bit more snow. I did get my hummingbird feeders ready today. 

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Currently at the beach and drinking a fruit smoothie with DH, watching boats go by.  Exercising 3x a week and feeling better than I have in a long time.  Heading north in a couple of weeks to finish packing up the house and prepping for a move 2000 miles away from BM and the disfunctional step-adults.. I am done, with 22 years of step-parenting behind me and looking forward to less step-life stress in my life.   PS, Thanks for asking!

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Newbie here and absolutely thank you for asking.  I used to be a woman that loved all holidays, now they are charged with way too emotion, stress, frustration, unmet expectations.  I reached out to BCBS to inquire if they will pay for therapy.  So that's kinda where my head is; I need the rollercoaster to stop.

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I'm a big fan of getting help finding your balance and reshaping your expectations. When life is too overwhelming, you have to figure out what you can change, what you can ignore and what you can start on fire in a pit in the backyar... I mean what you can let go of.

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Easter weekend was a mixed bag. Bff had his bday on Easter, so I thought it would be nice to invite him over and got him a choc cake. We bbq'ed chicken and tritip and veggies. I watched movies. My family didnt reach out, so I called them. Prom-gate escalated, but Im "meh".

Just kind of in a mood today. My friend canceled on our hike tomorrow. And Im ok with it, just seems like every one is being flaky. I have no room in my life for flakes. Husband and BFF spent basically all afternoon and evening cackling together. And zero romance in that department lately. Feeling lonely and alone...

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I'm sorry your friend dropped the ball on you.I've noticed that lately I've been experiencing disappointment more often. no more anger, just disappointment. In your case, I admire your kindess to your husband's leech. It takes real kindess to remember his day w/ a cake even though he never seems to give you five minutes to spend with your husband. 


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I spent yesterday morning brushing my long haired Wooly Husky. I had a pile of hair big enough to knit a medium sized terrier.  And I had to muzzle Mr. Husky when he snapped at me. He HATES brushing. 


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You could make little husky statues out of the fur. Then you could sell them on etsy. 



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Thanks for asking. I'm adjusting to retired life very well and enjoying the extra time outdoors to hike during the week. I feel stress-free and relaxed. I feel fit and happy. I've lost 15 pounds and am eating healthy and nourishing food.

Bratty still disrupts my peace every so often but with her turning 25 this year and living hundreds of miles away from us her drama isn't too much to handle.

I hope you're doing well too!

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I'm so glad she started maturing. She was bound to someday and it makes such a difference in her Dad's life and yours. You need a 'I survived the skids' t-shirt!

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I am good. About to be a grandmother (grandson). Due date was yesterday. He isn't ready to be born lol but all of us are ready especially DD 

DH is switching to day shift soon. Finally. Night shift is getting to be too much. So exciting. 

it was snowing today. Yes 4/18. The heck 


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Congratulations!! Being a grandma is the best gig ever. It's a whole new type of love. Let us know when he's out and about!!

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I'm okay. I started a new job recently and that's been tiring. Also, dealing with my in-laws is exhausted and I had to see them yesterday. Despite all that, things are pretty good overall. 

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It's not bad. It ticks several boxes for me, but doesn't feel like a forever job. Still, it's a good fit for me at this point in my life!

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Feeling the effects of a lack of real spring. It was wonderful outside yesterday (ONE day) and I spent 4 hours doing yardwork. Yes, by myself because DH haaaaaates it (refuses to admit it tho) and lord knows YSD will never help either and OMG if I ask it's like I've asked him to raise the devil and how could I?  I had a nice day though. Now we are back to rain and cold.

My annual doc visit went well, super good results; discussed weight not coming off like I want and we have a good plan in place and bloodwork tests that we should have back in the next day or so. I feel like it's going to work; he also is giving me a referral to a nutritionist and that's even better. He's a great doc.

I walked for about 1.5 hours from doc office to my commute point and after 4 hours of yardwork yesterday am considering a rest day and skipping my gym class tonight. I feel like a blanket and my cat is what I need this evening.

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The weather this year has been weird. A season a day, sometimes two a day. I enjoy yard work, the Mr not so much. He had no flowers in his yard when I moved in. None. 


I vote for you to take a cat/blanket evening sounds perfect for you!!



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We have a 4 day national holiday here for Easter so I was excited. 

And then, DH tested positive for covid Friday and I had symptoms by Saturday.  Bye bye Easter fun. 

Don't feel too bad but definitely know that I'm sick. Sigh. 

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that just plain sucks. I hope your symptoms don't get worse. take advantage of your quiet time if you can.


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I think we'll be fine.  I feel like its inbetween a really bad cold and the flu.  We are double vaxxed and boosted.

The worst part is being ill on a holiday instead of getting to enjoy it.  But I'm really glad I did get it when I went to see my very vunerable mother last month.  

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My Mr is one of those who rarely takes time off for a vacation so when he does it's a super big deal ('that's a big deal with a cape' my granddaughter's favorite joke.)  Every damn time we are going to take a trip ... he gets sick. Being sick on vacation suuuuuuccccckkkksssssssss