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The Final Count Down --- Yippie!

Two weeks to go and well it will be good to get away from Twit, I sure am enjoying the crisp mornings, the changing of the leaves and, yes, even the acorns that are falling and hitting the house.

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Back Up Buttercup

My daughter and I were at the mall today. A young woman was in the clearance aisle in the shoe department at Dillards, scoping out some stripper shoes. My daughter walked between her and the shoes.

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Drama queens

My SD30 loves creating drama. She phoned her elderly grandmother to tell her she was organising a baby shower for her sister.

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Disengaged? Not disengaged?

Over the past 10 or 12 years since I met, hostilities between me and SS26 have grown to the point where I decided to disengage.

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ex wife, boundries, and respect

Okay, its been a long time since I have written here. Because of the help I got here, I have come a long way. I have another issue that has popped up that I need some advice on.

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Got a little sideways with my honey

We moved earlier this year, back to where we lived originally (B). DH still has his job in the place (A), where we just moved from. 2k miles from A to B.

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Forced Tuition Update!!! Im still Alive :)!!!!

HI Everyone!

Its been 1/2yrs since my original post, I did promise an update (as long as we still could afford internet, lol). My original post is gone but you might remember...

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SD engaged -- Let the games begin!

Boy oh boy, fun times ahead!

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Thank You Note and Mixed Messages

This is an update to my last post:

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Defiant 20sd

I am very new to this board...this is my first time posting. I think I should have found this forum a long time ago!