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Thank you

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on here. It has opened my eyes to what seemed like a taboo subject til I found this forum.

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Now SS is joining in

SS and I used to have a decent relationship but occasionally he feeds into his SDs' drama. Since disengaging the Steps are starting to turn their crazy on DH which is great for me!

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How do you handle these in-law/step situations?

When my SF was still alive, although I loved him and we were close, one thing he used to do that upset me was that he did was not always let us know when my Mom was ill, had an accident, etc...

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Has anyone successfully RE-engaged?

I can't remember reading about any stepfamilies who re-engaged.

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Already dreading the holidays

I am already dreading the holidays. This is traditionally the time of year when SD34 and SS33 really put some pressure on DH to leave. Permanently.

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Yes he did say that

My DH is so sweet. Somehow, he just manages to put things in the past and stick to the surface. I only wish life was that easy.

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Adult skid and expectations

Just really irks me that my DH cannot say anything to his 21 year old son.

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My fault he divorced me!

My ex told me he is angry at me because it is my fault he divorced me. I do not get what he means and I did not ask him to clarify it. The least said the better.

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My turn at wedding issues

So it's my turn finally, to go through a wedding. And thanks to many stories here, I have decided to stay home!! Yay!!