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SD MIrroring Behavior of BM...Problems Escalating

Right in time for the "witching" hour..."something wicked this way comes with my 20 something SD." Let's just say that her covert manipulation tactics have turned overt since DH and I moved into a aw

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Advice needed with horrible step daughters and spineless husband!

Hoping for some advice and trying to condense my story to save boredom
Been married to hubby almost 22 yrs
Both of us separated when met he had 2 girls 5&6 I had son aged 7
Been married 13 yrs

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No accountablity for their behaviour need to vent

I revieced some wonderful advice from this forum a few months back when i was very depressed (i cant remember lofg in so apologies). Just wanted to update my situation.

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Is it possible to have a relationship?

For the past 7 yrs, I have truly hated my dh's daughters. Now I am going to be exchanging some emails with the youngest.

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Small annoyance

It's mine and DH's anniversary.

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Door is now opened

I was very surprised to get an email back from dh's daughter. It was lovely, and very friendly, and clearly asking me to discuss my life.

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A reminder that you have a right to be happy

I posted this to my Facebook page one year ago today. This is still true.

Manipulators thrive on getting their way no matter how it effects those around them. See if you recognize their tactics.

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Get Over It

I have been disengaged from my SD for about a two years. My husband has been sad, but very understanding about my decision because she has treated him horribly as well.

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So The End Has Come!

Well, the end is now here, he has told me he wants to split, I am seeing a solicitor on Saturday morning, his damn kids got their way.

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eating out of house and home

my skids were all kicked out of their home when they each turn 18 by bm.

who did they come to? their father and our home.