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Ugh! I backslid wrote & called my ex

Ugh! I wrote my ex an email telling him how much I loved him and I also called crying. He said he could not talk to me at the moment and that he would call me later, which he did not do.

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SF's lament: Overheard at fast food joint

While eating lunch today, I overheard the conversation of a guy at the next table and the friends/coworkers he was with.

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We Are At Our New Home and Very Tired

Well, we are here. Our stuff comes later this week so we are sleeping on airbed. DD was so sweet. She mailed out, before we got here, gift cards for some of the restaurants....Olive Garden, etc.

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SS stopped by *Part 2

UGH!!! So now that one step has stopped by another thinks they have too.

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Holidays coming and so it begins................

Back story. OSD who was living with new baby, baby Daddy and her 3 children from first marriage are moving from their tiny apartment to a house they are renting.

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Apparently there is only one family planning attorney in town

I've posted before what a bad time last December was with many arguments in our home due to DH's pandering to SD41 after she had repeatedly hurt me.

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SS stopped by this weekend

You know the SS who told DH I was dragging in around by the B@lls because DH went with me to DS's Army graduation.

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could get interesting

Wish me luck, its our first Christmas shopping trip on Thursday since I totally disengaged and the hints have started. What shall we get …………… . Nope still holding fast.

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Am I being unreasonable?

DH and I have been together for 16 years (married for 6). We have three kids each - all in their mid-20s.

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SD Sundays and her trips on memory lane

I dread every Sunday because its Sunday Brunch with SD and her family. I certainly cannot complain compared to many others on here, because other than ignoring me mostly, it is bearable.