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Wedding buffoonery conclusion

So the conclusion to OSD's atrocious behavior is that DH will walk her down the aisle halfway and have her stepfather walk her down the rest of the way.

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Headed for divorce

After my last entry we reconciled and have tried to patch things up which meant me disengaging from the sds.

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Actually pondering divorce for the first time

I’m so upset.

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Strange Question

A few weeks back I posted for the first time about my boyfriend and his adult son and the problems I was having. You were all very insightful.

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Disengaging without ever engaging?? Help!

Hi there and wow! . I really don’t know where to begin but I would like to say thank you all for your inspiring AMD uplifying posts and responses.

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Dependent on Daddy Dearest

What self-respecting 31yo still asks Daddy Dearest to take her to the dentist???

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29 year old Stepson - The wedge in my marriage!

Am I being evil for disliking a 29 year old who is wasting his life away by sitting in a room 24/7 messing about on a pc calling it work when it isn't? Won't go out, can't and won't learn to drive!

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SD and the car fiasco!!!!!

Hello! A newbie here! First off, a little background info on our family. I am a stepmother to SD19 and SS24. My Husband and I adopted a child, she is now 18.

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Sadly Another SM Gets Hurt by Adult Stepdaughter

Yesterday, I was out with a neighbor who asked to speak to me about something that happened to her over Thanksgiving. She know a little about Twit and that we moved out here to get away from her.

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Did. She. Get. What. She. Deserves ??

I have been helping my GF with all around the house. She has been working long hours delivering the mail. She doesn't get any help unless she asks for it from her spoiled brat daughter 22yrs.