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SD didn't want me to drive my new car husband and I bought together that I paid off

When I met DH i was working two jobs and raising 3 kids. I was a widow. I drove a 2001 VW Jetta. It was a sad looking little car but it got me from point a to point b.

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SD put herself in hospital to distract from my kids college graduations

My daughter earned her Masters Degree and was scheduled to walk on May 14. My son earned his Bachelors Degree and was scheduled to walk on May 21.

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Pathetic SDs rant

I need to rant and I know that some of you will understand my annoyance. One of my sisters passed away unexpectedly 2 weeks ago. My 2 stepsons texted me to tell me how they were as did my 2 DILs.

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36 year old who continues to try to get pregnant

A little more background. Years ago, she was given 75,000 as an inheritance. Blew it within 2 years. DH paid for rent, food, whatever while in school as she had no money left.

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Burial Insurance for MSD???

MSD is on meth really bad, shooting it up. We didn't know this until yesterday when BM called me and asked if we could look into burial insurance on her. BM said MSD is less than 90lbs.

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More exclusion from OSD

OSD just sold her home and bought a new one...funny timing to start because DH & I just sold our home, and moved to a new home in a much smaller town, something we have wanted to do for a while

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For those with criminal skids ...

Here's a "hypothetical" I'd be interested in hearing opinions on.

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YSD wants DH and BM to speak at her Wedding

Yesterday evening DH & I were on the phone with YSD

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relationship ended - I am so sad

My dh divorced me on May 5th. We had been in a relationship for approximately 25 years. He chose his 47ds over me. His ds called everyday several times a day.