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Completely excluded from the other family ...

Not sure if this is the right forum for me. I am not actually married yet and I'm not sure if marriage is the right thing. But I definitely need an outlet.

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How can I handle adult steps in such a blended family

20 years ago my husband and I married. He had 3 boys 1, 2 and 3 yrs, I had 2 boys 2 and 7 years. We had full custody of and raised all together. 2 years after marriage we had our own boy.

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DH's 19 y/o daughter is suicidal?

Depression and suicide is a very serious subject. Both run in my biological family. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder many years ago.

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Wish she'd go back into her hole!

I guess MSD finally realized excluding me from things wasn't working in her favor.

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This disengagement mallarkey is interesting isn't it?

I disengaged from my skids a few months ago and I think DH is getting the message.

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HELP! Scared to Death Going to Get Saddled With SS21 For the Summer

Asking for your help on this pretty quickly as I am afraid there is a huge *$hit* storm about to go down at my house.

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feeling depressed

I really dont know what to do, everything i try seems to make things worse.

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What do you do when you feel like you've lost the war?

This step sh-t requires patience, I'm wondering if anybody ever feels like they get validation from DH after supreme hatefulness from a c u next Tuesday, DIL and his dick son.

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Disney Dad (exH) finally gives up

So I get a text from exH yesterday saying that next week he is bringing DS20 here to live w/me because he is making no *progress* with him.

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Coddling a 40yr old causing problems

Straight to the point here... I resent my wife allowing my 40 year old step son living at home with no contribution to the household.