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Possibly petty but I don’t care

My husband ended up paying his parents for the cruise tickets they bought ss and his girlfriend. I don’t care anymore. I’ve just been keep my head down and applying for more jobs.

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Does Anyone Know Why These Two Recent Forum Topics Were Deleted?

They were: "24 year old SD is a nightmare, ruining my marriage" AND "Grateful For This Website." Not sure who did the deleting?

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Entitled SD strikes again

SD and her husband are, sorry to say just total losers. We are on vacation right now. 5 states away from SD and loving it.

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Adult Stepchildren to attend Stepmothers funeral- Bio grands don't like us

I will try to make this short.

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Need some advice

I won't give a lot of details other than I have a borderline/narcissistic/psychopathic SD. I am practicing disengagement which works fine until there is an issue with my DH.

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How do you get over it?

The last time I posted,SD had barged in my home screaming and cussing and making threats.

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OSD and the upcoming Baby Shower for YSD

Recently when talking to YSD (when she mentioned she was coming home for a visit end of this month, that BM was holding a baby shower for her, that she really wanted me there, could I bring my sisters

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Disengaged but CONFESS... I'm resentful!

I have nowhere else to really mention this so am turning to my ST family to truly just ...vent!!

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Side benefit of disengaging proving to be true

I've read posts that when the SM disengages, the DH starts to recognize on his own some of passive aggressive behavior of his little darlings.

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Inheritance issues make me want to scream!

I am new and I am so happy I found this place because I really need to VENT!