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Outsider at Thanksgiving

Hi all - I'd like to ask for your perspective. Sometimes, being in a situation for a long time, it can help to hear others' thoughts.

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Does the bitterness go away eventually???

Now that I am well on my way with the disengaging process (esp nice around the upcoming holidays etc) my question is does the bitterness ever go away?

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Minor beef, but don't want to take away from ETexasMom's post

My DH had a stroke last week. I'm very lucky he's still alive. And he's making a miraculous recovery. I've had lots of interaction with the SD's in the past week.

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Why is it ok to have "family" dinner and exclude SM?

MSD daughter loves to have "family" dinners with just DH and them. Meaning DH his 4 kids, their spouses, and their kids. Why is this ok????

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Yup...Gift giving time and they reappear

My bf's daughter won't stop by to see him with her kid, even though she visits her mother's party shack every weekend (which unfortunately is only several miles away).

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Every Single Time Without Fail

EVERY time my DH hears from SD21, he is a total ass to me for 24 hours.

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Hate this time of year.....

I am completely disengaged from my partners family...

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A year later.....

After your 27 year old daughter refused to make any payments on a college loan YOU consigned for her
After she refused to return all phone calls and even discuss this

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The Fun of Social Media

My FIL has cancer so his daughter, my SIL, created a FB page for him and his family members as a support. I went on today and found that my husband's ex is a friend on this page. Really?

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I like to analyze....

I like to analyze people that are essential strangers to step daughters.