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Bundle of joy for BM

Great BM decided to have another child she can't afford not looking forward to the drama of her choice of having a baby will bring to my house.... The minute she can't afford stuff for sd when we pay good support and SD comes crying to us I will blow up...If her choice to have a baby affects my finances then I am pissed. I already am scared for what will come. DH said he will not give any extra if BM can't pay for activities down the road I just hope all the tears from SD don't cloud his judgement cause I don't feel like fighting about this. If BM can't afford stuff when she has forth kid in home then SD will need to make a choice if she wants things come live with us because we can't afford to raise you in two households and we won't

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Thanks I am just so worried

Thanks I am just so worried how this will impact my house in a negative way. Bio trash mom can have all the babies she wants but when her choice affects my dollar then I have a say...... I am glad DH sees this my way but I am worried when tears flow.

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Escalate the consequences of

Escalate the consequences of Daddy paying more than court ordered support.

Unless you're in agreement if he pays bio anything at all you're outta there - or he is depending on who's house it is.


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