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Hear that BM <<<beep, beep>>> it's the Karma Bus!

BM has eleven more months to make my life a living hell! Why only eleven more months? DH is being transferred to Germany starting next June! I can't wait for all the crazy phone calls and text to stop. YAY! Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

DH is emailing her this weekend with the great news. We are kind of hoping it pushes her over the edge and she allows steps to move with us.

I love the karma bus! This is what she deserves for acting the way she has been acting over the past couple of weeks.

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Love that bus!!

Love that bus!!


I forgive but I am damned if I'll forget!

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So amazing!! Congrats and

So amazing!! Congrats and that assignment will be wonderful!! I want to move to Germany too!


No one on their death bed ever wished they had spent more time with their stepmother.

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I wish both BMs would get

I wish both BMs would get transferred to Siberia but how do you "transfer" a lifer unemployed skank and a part-time waitress skank? Yeah, a gal can dream.

Congrats to you, I love listening to German and Russian people talk. I have always wished I could speak one or both languages. I guess that's less of a pipe dream than BMs moving to Siberia.


ღIt's all fun and games until someone doesn't pick up on the sarcasm ღ
ツ I try to act nonchalant but underneath, I am chalant AF ツ

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You are right Foxie. I hope

You are right Foxie. I hope she does file. The karma bus will be in motion once again because she will get less child support (~$350/month) than she gets now. If she doesn't allow them to travel to visit, DH will only get to spend about two weeks a year with them...which means she only gets a two week 'break' every year.

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So should DH give her the

So should DH give her the same amount or more even though he will make a lot less? DH is giving her the choice to send steps with us or her keep them.

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Enjoy! The best thing that

Enjoy! The best thing that ever happened to me and my son was moving out of the country. Mind you, this also meant the PAS wwill be in full force and she will tell the kids that dad doesn't care thus the reason he moved. But it has made our lives so much better and the reality is that she was already doing a fine job at PAS which eventwually would have made living closer a worse hell for us all.

Crazy wanted to dictate our lives and how much DH saw the kid, always on her terms while living close and thus that power was completely removed once we left. The way I see it, had she not been so horrible, had she cared more about her kid than what she could take from DH, DH might have chosen to give up a job by staying closer, but if DH had done that and lost his job instead, she would have still expected full CS and extras and thrown him in jail.

By the way, be prepared to save some money and split accts if needed when you move, because knowing he is moving for a job will make her file for more cs as soon as she can.



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The great thing is his pay

The great thing is his pay will decrease with the move which will cause CS to decrease (~$350/month). Right now CS is based off his gross pay to include housing allowance/cola. When we move, we will be in govt housing taking a huge amount off his gross pay. She is going to be pissed when she realizes CS will no longer cover her house payment and new car! Sticking out tongue