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Running away

How many of you have had their SKID threaten to run away because you are mean or told them to do something they didnt want to? For the 3rd time in 2 weeks, SD8 has pulled the "fine, I am just going to run away!" card because I made her scrub her underwear in the sink after she failed to make it to the bathroom on time! Snatchquatch (BM) is no longer in the picture and has since moved to Florida not to long ago so she doesnt have the option to go back to moms when she feels like it. The first time I put her in her room to think about it but the second, I said OK and started packing her things in a bag and handed it to her! She stood outside on the porch for over an hour (I was looking through the window the whole time to make sure she didnt start walking off) and decided that she was hungry and would leave after she ate! LOL Well I didnt bring it up afterwards and she "forgot". Have any of you simply packed some clothes in a bag and said OK...there is the door?? I am waiting to see if she decides to try it again.


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Oh dear ha ha, I threatened

Oh dear ha ha, I threatened to run away a few times as a child and so did my brother, I think all kids do this sometimes, my parents also packed for me lol, you handled it well.

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Yep, thats what my parents

Yep, thats what my parents did too! I remember once my sister "ran away" to the side yard and she was hiding in the garden and my mom went near the open window saying "I am so glad we can pick out a new daughter now, I always wanted a little red headed girl! She can have this beautiful bedroom that used to be *Jane's*!" My sister got so mad she came running back in yelling that this was her room and no stupid red headed girl was using her stuff. I think that was the last time she ran away Laughing out loud

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If we tried to pull that crap

If we tried to pull that crap when I was a kid, my parents always said, "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!". None of us ever actually tried. If she did, just let her walk away and call the cops to come bring her home.

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LOL freakin hilarious!!!

LOL freakin hilarious!!!

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Ha ha that is soooooo funny,

Ha ha that is soooooo funny, good on you both, he would have had you by the short and curlies if you begged him to stay, shame more parents arn't like you.

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I never had to deal with that

I never had to deal with that from a child, but did have my mother say it to me a few times.

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If you put her on the porch

If you put her on the porch again do not - I repeat - do not run after her if she starts to walk. You'll have lost not only that battle but every other battle she plays that card in.

Let her go. How far is she going to go? Some pervert going to grab her off the street? You read too many newspapers. Of course there's a risk just as walking out to the car in the mall parking lot poses a greater risk.

Don't be surprised if the next one isn't planned better and she ends up at a girlfriends home. Hopefully the Mom thee will know enough to call and if so just leave her there therby stregthening your position.


I've observed humans for 70 years and dogs for 10. I prefer the dogs.

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I ran away once. My parents

I ran away once. My parents were going out, though, and we'd just had a fight. I took my bike to a wooded area near our house and felt sorry for myself, then got cold and wet and was home before they were. My mom ran away at about 8? She was hilarious and took her underwear drawer with her because "everyone needs a change of underwear" and walked down to a farm a ways away and when no one came looking, she eventually came home. Seriously? An underwear drawer? HA!

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My SD15 has consistently used

My SD15 has consistently used running away as a threat and has done it once when she was 14 (her half-brother drove down to where we live, picked her up and drove her back to their home state). So it's not just kid stuff.

I remember "running away" once when I was 9 and I was upset over my dad taking the cord off of the tv because my brother had gotten in trouble. I tried walking about 2 miles and it started to get dark and I headed back home.

My SD has told her dad that if he makes her move back here, she'll run and he'll never see her again. She'll be 16 this summer and odds are, if she does come, she's going to run and we have no idea what to do to stop her.

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She is ALWAYS mad at me

She is ALWAYS mad at me because I wont put up her crap anymore. I wont clean up after her or wait on her hand and foot. She will be bringing her pee soaked clothes to the laundry room herself AFTER giving them a good wash down in the sink. I will NOT have her stinking up the house anymore with her pissy clothes. She says she cant help it but I know she can! She just does it because she waits till the last second to go to the damn bathroom! Since my last post, she hasnt pulled the "I am going to run away card" but she still says I am mean because I am now making her clean her own things/clothes. I keep reminding her that she is 8 and is WAY too old to still be peeing her pants and that SHE will be washing them by hand before they go into the washer. We will see if that helps or not. I am praying it does.


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Yep thanks. I have a box of

Yep thanks. I have a box of rubber gloves she can use if she wants. Maybe this will finally get her to stop. It goes in spurts. She will be fine with an occasional accident here and there during the day (night time is a different story) and then have at least 1 accident every day for a week. That tells me she knows how to control herself right? Her dr even told us she is fine. She needs to start taking responsibility for her actions. I shouldnt have to be dealing with this at 8 years old1!! I dont know ANY other 8 year old that still wets him/herself out of laziness! Come on...she is friggan 8 years old for Gods sake!


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We have been to both and

We have been to both and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. No UTI's or bladder infections or anything. It boils down to her being stubborn and lazy!


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She is in 3rd grade and I

She is in 3rd grade and I apologize, I failed to mention that she never does this at school or in front of her friends, which again tells me that she DOES have control and is just too lazy to stop what she is doing to go. You can only feel sorry for her for so long. It went from oh sorry, looks like you had an accident so lets go clean up to...OMG your 8 years old!! What are you thinking???