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Who's online, is it just numbers or do some get to see who is online?

All I have is the number of users and guests. Someone posted that it would be easier to have the list in a way that they do not have to scroll down...Is there a list or just numbers?

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I just have numbers too.

I just have numbers too.

We teach people how to treat us...

This too shall pass...

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We used to having a tracking

We used to having a tracking feature that would let you track someone and they also had a recent posts feature that got taken away when the site was acting up so much - so it is only numbers not any names!!

the only advantage of the skids is that they are not microchipped, so if I ever drop them off on a lonely road-
no one can trace them back to me - wolfenstep

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Informative information I see

Informative information I see here.

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