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I wont get anything .Im ok with it to. I have a stepdaughter that has never told me happy anything . I use to tell her every year happy mothers day and she wouldnt respond when I sent her a card or sent her a text .So I finally stop saying anything to her . I will enjoy my mothers day with my daughter and son in law. Smile

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I usually spend the day adding up the savings I've accumulated over the years by being relieved of gift giving to the unappreciative.

Now I lost count - lets see $100,000, $100,001, $100,002. Its a laborious job but someone has to do it.

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On Saturday my mother and I are getting a scrumptious brunch with DH, DD18 and my stepdad.

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I wont' get anything from my skids. The first year we were married my youngest step daughter went all out with my daughter and was very sweet. Her sister (the oldest) told her she wasn't allowed to do that, that I wasn't her mother. The day escalated and by the end of that day, my DH told her she was no longer welcome to live in our home. He called her grandma and told her to come and get her.

I've come to realize that I need not expect anything from them, and just enjoy my daughter and my mom.

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I never received anything from SD for Mothers Day, or for anything else besides a cheap piece of crap for Christmas a few times. But never expected it either. She was an older teen when we met so I never had a meaningful role in her life. There are SMs on this site who have sacrificed a lot to help raise their SDs. They deserve acknowledgement.

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just a cheap card and grocery store flowers. back in the day dh would buy me jewelry.

now that the skids are adults and live near us he goes cheap.

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OMG! You're kidding right? I'm still laughing. THEM buying or acknowledging ME on Mother's Day - I'm rolling on the floor ...

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I used to get a crappy $5.00 plant but past few years nothing. This is fine by me. I always felt uncomfortable with the phony gesture.

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I don't expect anything from my SKs because I'm not their mother.

My Mother's Day will be FANTASTIC. My son graduates from college next Sunday. I can't think of a better gift than that.

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once again I agree with Disney and Tog....why the expectation that you should get acknowledged on Mother's Day by kids that are not yours????........ :?

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Your son is 13. He's old enough to get you a gift or card on his own. Have you called him out on this?

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I'm in Michigan, too. Thankfully, SS is on the other side of the country. I couldn't ask for a better (step)Mother's Day present!!

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I have never expected anything for Mother's Day, as I have no bios, but my DH always acknowledges me, anyway. Not only for being SD's step mother (which I don't really feel and never have) but because I am like a 2nd mother to our niece.

If DH happens to be talking on the phone to my SD that day, she will tell him to tell me Happy Mother's Day, otherwise I don't hear from her and that's ok.

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I am hoping for a no-drama no-skid day with DH. We may go visit MIL but that is still enjoyable.

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I hate Mother's Day. My DS20 won't remember. DH didn't help him in his later years and prior to 9th I was flying solo with him. X was long gone so he had no role model and now gifts and holidays are not his "gift".... SD's May or may not remember but they are not mine. When they do remembers seems forced and weird so I would rather they not. DH does little or nothing and my own Mom is far away so I can send a gift but not be with her. I miss her.

That being said, I am planning a back country yurt trip with other childless or unappreciated Moms. This will include a trip to the hot springs resort. We are only bringing our fur babies (dogs). Should be good wine and good times. Or, good tears. Hope we don't get eaten by a bear.

Wow, I am just a bundle of joy right now. :,(

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My lovely SD21, I'm sure will be getting me nothing, unless it somehow involves my demise. But I will receive gifts from my Niece, she's pretty awesome and were very good friends. DH always jokes that's he celebrating that day, cause he's a Mother, a Mother@#$%@# Blum 3 at least according to BM & SD.

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I just hope my kids remember to call.

I don't expect anything from the skids. In fact, DH will likely be in Skidville and I'll get a DAY TO MYSELF. YAY!

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I won't get anything for Mother's Day from my step-daughters. They don't ever give me birthday or christmas gifts either. They didn't get their father a birthday card or gift either. They have however, continued to call and ask us for money for various things tho. My bio-son & DH will get me a gift & spend the day with me, which is all I need!

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OMG do we have the same SKIDS?!?!?!? The golden eggs "forget" DH's birthday and Father's Day but it's like an earthquake in our house when DH forgets their special days.

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I'll get the same thing I got every year...and the same thing I got for my birthday and Christmas, too. Zilch, nada, zip. It used to bother me. Now I expect it. Just like they will learn to expect nothing from me on their special days...afterall, their NOT MY kids. Karma is a bitch.

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Nothing from the step brats. And the best thing is that on Mother's day they don't come over to our house! This is like the best day ever!!! My kids will give me something homemade and my hubby will get me a plant (like always) but it will be a quiet drama FREE day!!!

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I'll receive absolutely no acknowledgment from DH's eldest of course

From YSD, she generally goes to the trouble to pick out the sweetest card, write the sweetest stuff in it, and send it along with a thoughtful gift. She'll also call to wish my Happy's Mother's Day, and say something wonderful about how much she loves me, appreciates....

She more than makes up for the big nothing from DH's eldest Smile

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15 years, and I've NEVER gotten any recognition at all from the SKs for Mother's Day, even from DH!! I certainly don't expect any this year. Before I had kids, I considered that an insult, but I do understand that BM has a major golden uterus complex, and if DH or anyone else recognized me for the children that sprang from that magnificent womb, she'd punish DH and the SKs!

DH and I do have 2 DSs of our own, 12 and 6, and DH always helps them get something for me from them and from him as well. I am a little bummed, however, that I won't get to do Mother's Day the way I wanted this year, as we will be going to DH's sister's, mainly to celebrate DH's MOTHER. I hope this doesn't sound too selfish of me, but, while I certainly want to recognize DH's mom and my own mom, I think Mother's Day should be as much about the moms who are in the midst of raising children NOW and deserve appreciation, not only those who raised their kids 25 years ago. And I feel pretty sure that when my own children are grown, I'll feel even more strongly that way.

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I get breakfast with my mom, grandmother, and BK's on Saturday and then Sunday I will get a call or text from my oldest, SD22, because she will be working. I will spend the day at the beach and enjoy my family. SD20, well, she will probably be gossiping about me with her other trash people, I don't care, I will have a great day since she isn't around anymore! Smile

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I don't know what I'm doing for myself. I suppose I need to. My hubby was going to send me flowers but he didn't have enough money for it since I have been ill and all we have been doing is catching up on bills. Since my step daughter and her boyfriend just had a baby, my hubby and I made them mugs with pictures of them and the baby. Not even a thank you from either of them until I asked if they received them. She did the same to my mother and my sister who sent her a good amount of money for a baby gift and didn't call to say thank you until her Dad ordered her to do so and it still took her a week to pick up the phone.