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"Evil Stepmothers" - TV show

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I've just seen an episode of a TV series called "Evil Stepmothers" on Investigation Discovery.

Has anyone else seen this show? It is dramatized stories about real-life stepmothers who are raging, deceptive, murderous beasts. There is a website link which gives synopses of the episodes.

Seeing this, it just makes me wonder when the hell stepmothers/fathers will ever have their stories told??

It seems that the one-sided narrative about evil stepmothers (in particular) will never go away. Especially when shows like this perpetuate it; they are obviously looking for just the stories where the SM is a real piece of work or a criminal.

Doing a show about evil birth MOTHERS would never make the ratings, I'm sure. Because mothers are so sacred, they would never get advertisers to even buy in to the concept.

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Thumbs down! on "Evil Stepmothers". I saw that and watched it about 30 seconds. What a joke. There are all types, men and women, that are dysfunctional parents; they should make an episode all of them and run it consecutively.

I won't waste my time on one sided issues. Both side or none for me.

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I've not done the research, but it seems I hear more about bio mothers abusing and killing their own children, as opposed to step mothers, so I don't know why people focus on "evil" step mothers.

There are evil SMs out there but there are also good SMs out there, just like there are good and evil people, period.

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It's no different than most of the channels other series. Fear Thy Neighbor, Fatal Vows, Deadly Woman... do you believe all neighbors are to be feared and batsh*t crazy? All marriages end in murder? All woman are murders? Of course not.

Susan Smith, Andrea Yates, Diane Downs, Casey Anthony, China Arnold, all mothers who killed their children. All their stories ending up being told on these types of shows. Are they stereotyping mothers as murders?

Evil stepmothers exist just like evil biological mothers exist. No one needs to watch a tv murder show to know woman have killed children. Just pick up a newspaper. The most recent real story in my state is the horrible headlines of little Semaj Crosby. No one has been charged in this little girl's death yet, but she was found stuffed in a couch after her family reported her missing. Right after DCFS had visited the home and saw the toddler.

No one is making anyone watch these shows , no one forces anyone to read the unfortunate headlines in the papers...but to pretend it doesn't exist or that it is somehow stereotyping all woman (step/bio/non-status) as murders? The stories are true stories whether the subject and/or the person who performed the hideous acts you happen to find offensive or objectionable or not...just change the channel.

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I was being facetious. My own bio children are step children to other people. They certainly aren't evil as they were brought up to respect their elders, be helpful to others, be industrious and have manners.

The only thing evil is parents acting as friends and not training their children properly.

I would have to disagree on the assessment of Walter Cronkite; he probably was instrumental in the United States losing the Vietnam War. Ditto on Dan "MS Word Font" Rather and Peter "Sniper Fire" Jennings.

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It's all about money. Nice SMs don't sell. In my opinion, society still views skids as poor little deserted waifs. They are acting out because they are in pain and even though they may be using us as a scapegoat, it is our job to shoulder the blame - even though most of us met our DH's long after the divorce - becasue "The kids come first." My own Sister blurted that out. The Bridezillas you mention are usually obnoxious all of the time so it is hard to believe they would not treat a SM like a piece of dog doo. But once they are married society views them as the sweet little wife and sacrificing Mother. Sometimes I wonder if we, as a culture WANT to see the truth.

There was a man I worked with in the 80's who had custody of his little girl. Everyone had so much compassion for this man, how hard it was for him to raise a child on his own and how rotten his wife was for leaving. Meanwhile, I was raising two older adopted - troubled - children. No one gave me any moral or financial support. In fact, I was told I should not be working, I should be home taking care of the kids - even if I would have no money to do it. No consideration for the fact that my ex-husband had left us for another woman, took all of the money out of the bank, and refused to send child support. No, I was a pariah - a divorcee. One of the men at my work refused to be in a car alone with me because, "You are a divorced woman." So you see, not only are many of us evil SMs, we are former loose, obscene divorcees.

I'd like to see a sequel about what happens to the bridezillas or a reality show about living with skids who are abusive and having to deal with Disney Dads. But I'd also like to see a program about the entertainment industry, how they warp reasonable and accurate thinking of the population as a whole. Last week on the Kelly and Ryan Show Kelly mentioned people seemed more narcissistic now and that it it is more acceptable than in the past. This is even happening in politics - the 'leaders' of our country are debating how to deal with medical care, but of course, made sure it would not apply to them. Kind of scary, isn't it?

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Civilization is always only one generation away from extinction. Babies don't hatch knowing civility, respect, dignity, honesty, humility, or compassion; it's up to us to do the WORK of raising up the next generations with that training. Otherwise, having kids & skids would be so much easier...

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The entertainment industry when regarding step Life Hell , needs a hard reset ,for sure!
Remember StepMonster horror flick from the 1990's?Stepmother the Alien? And the GrandDaddy or rather Mother of all the evil stepmother genre ,Cinderella?
Fantasy.Horror. FairyTale. Either they write with a soft soap sell about how wonderful the bios are and the skids, too ,are just the cutest things and stepbitch only wants the money father is worth.
LOL.Right?Oh ,and she plans to off the kiddos ,too, some time in the film.

I'm writing the treatment for a screen play starring a SM as a superhero.

Her super power is undoing the severe PASing brainwashing ritual on skids performed by the evil BMs (and BDs) to weaponize their shared children against their ex and steps.
Super SM also replaces the evil BM with a physiologically identical AND psychologically healthy and well adjusted BMBot .

The BMBot is not greedy and constantly seeking more CS.
The BMBot is happy and cooperative and cares for the skids rather than use them as pawns trying to destroy her EX H and in her attempts ,also destroy her skids relationship with DH and every other future partner that they may have in life because they don't know what a loving and "normal' relationship is having only their wretched, controlling BM as an example.
The BMBot is not in love or lust or obsessed with the DH she cheated on and divorced and does not seek revenge for her own short sighted selfish actions that destroyed her marriage to ExH.

The Evil BM is banished to a planet in another galaxy where she atones for her sins for turning her children into spies and little monsters and overstepping into DH's marriage.
Her life punishment is mundane and tedious :

She must scrub shit smears from bathroom walls , mop pee from toilet seats and floors , make a wonderful, expensive Father's Day feast, Fill in the Blank Holiday Dinner that is never eaten because the skids cancel at the last minute, watch Christmas gifts unwrapped by the indifferent skids ; gifts that she carefully and lovingly selected purchased with her funds ,wrapped and placed beneath the fresh ,live 22 foot tree she decorated for the skids and never receive a single thank you or any reciprocation ... and the BotDH assigned to her does not correct the skids but joins in their selfish ,narcissistic revelry.

Still looking for a working title. But once I got this together the film industry won't know what hit them.

Also writing a a play.

It's a dramady (comedy/drama) about a dysfunctional family thanks to the evil, selfish machinations of a needy, greedy lazy and entitled BM who has systematically poisoned the children against their father and encouraged them to disrespect and use him at every turn.

The father character happens to be a Disney Ostrich ATM Daddee.

The protagonist is the perennially put upon , over abused ,under appreciated SM who is blindsided at every turn and then plans to escape to the Island of Disengagement and leave behind the weak Daddee , monster skids and the manipulative BM ,taken all together for too many years has fraught turmoil upon SM's psyche.
Look Out Broadway! Smile

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Seriously, society has been poisoned against the notion that a step anything could actually be a caring ,loving person.
Sucks to be a SM .
Doubt there are enough SM's to make a mark at the box office for any premise where SM or SF actually are the sympathetic figure.
BUT the statistics are gaining with 3/ 4 of first marriages destined to fail and two or three subsequent marriages or partnerships with children from any of the relationships becoming the societal norm meaning more step parents ,more bio step and skid issues.
Maybe someday there will be a place for Super SM and her team of BioBots?

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As an ID fan, just a heads-up that there was a series on ID called Momsters about BMs who were raging, deceptive, murderous beasts. Roseanne Barr was the host. I don't know if it is coming back or not. So far, it was only on one season. And, on Xfinity On Demand you can still see re-runs.

Hopefully, at least some will realize in both cases the series are really about raging, deceptive, murderous beasts who just happen to be SMs or BMs. Maybe they'll be coming out with Grandmomsters soon? A series about raging, deceptive, murderous beasts who are also grandmothers? Possible.

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I forgot about that one. I watched it a couple times. I watch ID more for reruns of Dateline and 48hr than anything else.

Grandparents? They could start with Helen Ford, 275lb paternal grandmother who beat and tortured to death her 8 year old, seventy pound granddaughter, Gizzell Ford, on Chicago's West Side. I'm sure there are more, but this trial was just this last winter.