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Decks were stacked against

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Ok, call me a snoop, but I regularly look at the FB pages of dh's daughters. I believe in keeping your enemies knowing info that has helped dh in court battles. Their pages are closed, but recently was surprised to see all 4 daughters have the same picture. All of them arm in arm with their dear mother on her wedding day. I considered not sharing with dh, but do not like to keep secrets. Besides, if I felt I had to protect him from the news, what the hell am I doing married to the guy, right? So I told him, he had no interest. But interesting that all the daughters in their 20's had the same pic. And even their dresses were very similar in style to their mother's wedding dress. Enmeshment??? And all the crap that we got on our wedding day. Dh never stood a chance with these creatures. And they are creatures.

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Interestingly, she has not changed her name on her FB page! She still is keeping the name of her ex, MY dh? Lol....wonder what her new husband's thoughts are about that one. And no, she not a professional! A professional witch, but nothing else!

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Hey there, these dads do not get it do they? Your DH is interested for sure. Wow you have 4 of them. How do you cope?

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Easy.....they dropped a big enough bomb on us such that they are banned. 3 out of the 4 hate their father. He was only good for cash, but the youngest has a real need for him...much like a dog with a bone. No ability to recognize that her father was not placed on this earth just to satisfy her needs. Of course when her father started dating me, she became enraged and has been playing victim on an academy award level!
I never envisioned such comments spewing from me about anyone, but that was before I met these chicks. They are downright awful! Mean and entitled.

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Maybe they have dollar signs in their eyes hoping to see how much money they can drain off of new step daddy!

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No, my dh and his family are the ones with the money. I do think she married for love......this is the person she had an affair and left my husband for. She married my husband to get out of a poor town and family, and then resented him for it. He was seen as a cash cow by her and his daughters and they became enraged when he married.....because he still was their baby sitter and jack of all trades when I came on the scene.

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Wow, I have only Ass1 and Ass 2 . How do you cope with four ?? Is this BM going to spew out anymore with this new sap ? Sorry new hubby?

Are you steps young, mine are in their twenties.