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Louisiana sucks!!

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Hello new to the site and my story goes......
My wife and I have been together for 2 years married for a little more than one we are expecting our first together a little girl Biggrin . She has a 2 and a half year old little boy whom I absoultely adore I have been around him since he was around 6 months old at 9 months old he started calling me dada with no coaching from his mother or I . With in this past week we have been to court for custody with his bio dad (an on going battle for the whole time my step son has been alive) this guy is a work of art lady luck is with him he has racked up 3 dwi's 2 failed court appointed drug test he got in to a wreck with the child in the car and did NOT inform the child's mother nor take him to the er because some back woods "emt" said he looks ok and the kicker was deemed unfit to have the child as much as he does (50/50 coustody ) by a court appointed psychological evaluation. The best part of my long story is my wife got chewed out by the judge because she DID NOT correct my step son when he called me dada the judge was really upset with it because it hurt the bio dads feelings. I have seen a lot of crap in this world but this really took the cake am I wrong for thinking its ok for him to call me that?

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Thanks for the reply. I see your point there is more to the story as there is with every story the big thing I left out is my wife asked the bd what ss called him and he said daddy that's why we didn't correct him on calling me dada.

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Thanks Smile

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Having been on the other end - where my husband was livid that BM's flavor of the month was called Daddy (insert name here). I have to say I really enjoyed watching BM get reamed out by the judge. The show got even better when BM said she has two dads.

How would mom feel about dad's flavor of the week being called Mom? She would be furious! Judges hate this & they're right. You aren't Dad, even if do all the work, he's a sleeze, etc.

Like I told my husband - she knows who her father is & who does all the work. My favorite saying is Stepmom: all of the work - none of the credit.

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Hate to break it to you, but at 9 months, MOST babies are saying "dada" to everyone in front of them. Even the mom. The judge should've picked up on that. The fact that you both encouraged him to apply it to YOU, that's another story.

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We know my wife even pointed that out it stuck with me tho as I was around all the time. We never encouraged him to apply it to me

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No harm taken I know this is a very touchy subject for ALL parties no matter what role you are in. It is amazing to have the ability to watch him grow from a very young age but with that said it also is a hard thing because I came in with no kids and he was very young so the bonding and fatherly role was a lot easier to take on and fulfill even tho the bd is still around.

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I'm sorry, but i'm glad to hear that the judge chewed her out because we've been going through the same thing. Thank you for giving me a little something for our case.

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Ah, this reminds me of crazy witch...when skid at 4-5 told me that her mother's husband was HER DAD...and I quickly corrected her and told her NO, DH is YOUR dad...but, that's how the PAS starts...yep...PAS in the infancy stages.