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cs modification in FLorida...when do new payments start?

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Hey guys...quick question....

I have been told that when you modify child support, you go ahead paying your original amount and when the judge signs the paper stating your new amount...that's when you start paying that. Our lawyer just emailed us and said that we had to start paying my dh's ex now, because since she filed in Feb. she is entitled to the difference in the modification from then. is this true?

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It depends on what the order says...I know that in our case Texas Child Support did not begin to garnish the NEW amount until the papers were signed, however, I also know that the papers were signed AFTER the effective date of the increase, and therefore, the "arrears" that were NEVER OWED that they had garnished, were credited to the new higher payment before the judge signed the papers...I also know that crazy witch did NOT get her increase from the date she filed, which is what most requests and sometimes, I think your lawyer needs to show you the papers and what THEY say, it should say the date the increase is effective and then go from there.