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pickup horror

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This is one of the most horrifying stories I have ever read. Picking up your child should not result in your death.

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Story is basically: 
Dad came to pickup his kid. Ex informs Dad that kid isn't there & won't be. Dad gets upset.  BF goes gets gun and threatens. They tussle. BF backs away, shoots twice. BF then states Dad's fault because the dad shouldn't have been there.. BF says he shot him in self defense.

Note that at the time of the shooting the BF was still married to his wife, a local judge. Their divorce was subsequently finalized.


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... the step father gets off on self defence and the kids get to go an play house with their mother and her DH, the murder of their father.

So tragic and completely avoidable.

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To threaten to stab and shoot my husband if he didn't give more money to batshit crazy in the divorce.

sd's have excused bio mums behaviour because she is a born again muslim woman. Anybody who excuses that behaviour and claims she's right in the head now doesn't get any contact with my 2 little kids. I made that bloody clear to my husband.

if any of my skids brought batshit crazy into our marital home, that bitch and her kids would have 10seconds to leave before i call the cops and hubby to address this or i'm out of that house with my kids!! 
those are firm boundaries i have because that video it's terrifying. The wife couldn't even go to check on her husband, had to wait for authorities

the bf claims he didn't want to di this while at the same time saying he wanted ti shoot him to prove he's macho!! The exwife is just standing there enjoying it.

how can these kids not be traumatised and fuc*ed being forced to live with their mum and her bf that murdered their dad

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I'm going to try to follow this. I see nothing threatening in this situation. I see a man and his ex arguing over visitation where the ex was in violation of the court order, clearly heard the man say he was calling the police so he could get his kids. The only threat was "bringing everyone into court." That idiot BF should have stayed inside the home; none of this was his business. This should be at least involuntary manslaughter because the BF was the agressor.

I doubt the SM will get custody, even if the kids are not wanting to be around the BF. At best, a court order can be issued to keep him away from the kids but I don't see SM getting kids. This is a family destroyed. No way will those kids ever want to be around that BF. And probably blame their mom for many years. 

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These things do happen and its to be taken seriously.

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Senseless and tragic.

The BF is definitely responsible and I wouldn't call it self defense but geez, bio dad should have left and called police when the BF got the gun, instead of egging him on like he did. Really stupid (and hot headed).

As the wife, as soon as I saw the gun (actually, even before that), I would have been urging my husband to get in the car, let's go.

So weird, the bio dad has been shot and everybody else is still arguing away, like there's not a dead man lying there. Bio dad's WIFE just keeps filming and arguing, while her husband is dead/dying. WTF?

Dad came to pickup his kid. Ex informs Dad that kid isn't there

This scenario was the beginning of the total alienation and subsequent estrangement of my DH's oldest daughter (who I rarely refer to on here).


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A perfect case for everyone legally eligible in Texas to take advantage of the new Constitutional Carry laws.  The laws allow for either open or concealed carry (without license) as long as the weapon is holstered during carry. Some location limits apply. As I understand it.

This may have ended up with a completely different outcome if dad had been carrying.

Both BF and Mom need to be the prison sex toys after this crap.


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Dad could have gotten off a shot at the same time as BF and it would have saved taxpayers the cost of a trial.